Law is necessary to discipline the ISPs

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

My Internet Service Provider – Ortel Communications Limited – could not say why it was not possible on its part to keep its broadband service to me stable. During these days, since these pages were last updated, it changed the modem at my point several times; yet could not succeed in restoring my Internet connection. Defect in its apparatus or deficiency in its staff is responsible for the disruption is best known to its management; but that, finally the connection seems stable today after I gave vent to my irritation over the disgusting disorder, is indicative of how lightly my problems were being looked into by the ISP so far.

When the ruthless servants of capitalism that have occupied power in our country have created laws against online writers under the plea of controlling cyber crimes, they have not at all thought it necessary to create a law to discipline the ISPs and to make lack of a minimum standard of service punishable.

Such a law is necessary as the country has gone into the phase of e-administration. Unless a minimum standard of cyber service and a minimum strength of connectivity as paid for by net users is ensured by law with provisions for punishment, not only web journalism, but also e-communication which is civilization’s greatest gift to human society as well as the government’s own scheme of e-administration would continue to suffer imperiling impediments.

But with right-viruses eating away the country, has administration the mana to disciple the ISPs?

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