Axis Bank in money swindling racket in collaboration with Orissa Drug House

Axis Bank in nexus with Orissa Drug House, situated at 104, Surya Nagar, Unit 7, Bhubaneswar is spotted to have used its PDQ as a money swindling machine. An instance:

On 4 February 2013 the Orissa Drug House received payment against its Bill No.99488 after reduction of a concessional amount when receiving the payment through the customer’s Debit Card by using a PDQ machine was twice declined after entry of the secret code of the card.

But, from a mini statement on the customer’s accounts in the State Bank of India it came to light that the same amount was drawn twice the same day under the claim of Orissa Drug House.

When the customer informed the Drug House and requested for refund of the money drawn, it made a pretense of verification with the Axis Bank transaction sheets in its possession. And, declared that the money has not been drawn as there is no intimation to that effect from the Axis Bank.

The customer perused his accounts in his Bank and found that on 4 February 2013, two times deduction of the same amount has been done in favor of Orissa Drug House, vide POS 303513570058 and POS 303513571074.

It is therefore clear that Axis Bank has drawn for Orissa Drug House the money two times on 4 February 2013 from the SBI accounts of the customer while declining the transaction through its PDQ machine. The Drug House has given several times to the customer for resolution of the issue on verification with the Axis Bank and the costumer has gone to it ten times with the hope of getting back his money.

But Orissa Drug House is not refunding the amount fraudulently received through double deduction from the costumer’s account stating that there was no such transaction as the money has not been deposited in its accounts by the Axis Bank.

Clearly, at least in this instance, the Axis Bank and Orissa Drug House have partnered in money swindling in transaction through PDQ machine.

The affected customer has authorized his lawyer to move the appropriate court for damage.

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