Grand Reception given to victims of the gang of Samaja occupiers


Devi Prasanna Nayak and Subash Chandra Singh, President and General Secretary respectively of the trade union of the Samaja employees and Brajabhai, under whose stewardship the down going paper was brought back to rejuvenation around a decade ago, were given a grand reception in a public conference convened by ‘Save the Samaja Forum’ in a densely populated patch of rural Orissa at Mirjapur of Jajpur on May Day, 2013, immediately after they were released from judicial custody.


Pabitra Maharatha, coordinator of SSF initiated the public meeting with a brief description of how release of the trio has proved that for all times to come the miscreants cannot keep the law hoodwinked. He passed on to the participants in the conference the wishes of solidarity sent by eminent journalist Prasanta Patnaik, joint convener of SSF, who, busy in MUFP action against police atrocities on media persons covering the lower Suktel unrest, could not attend the conference.

Chaired by journalist Ranjit Raut, the event was addressed by the representative-in-chief of Sri Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, the other convener of SSF. Welcoming the three victims of false allegations back to their freedom, Sri Pattanayak praised them for their prudent and principled role in dealing with the illegalities the Samaja employees are subjected to. He gave a detail depiction of how the paper founded by Pt. Gopabandhu, revered and remembered for humanitarianism, is being used against human rights of the employees and how unfair labor practices are rampant in the organization in absence of valid standing orders.


Devi Prasanna, Subash and Brajabhai had to suffer loss of their liberty because of a nefarious design engineered by a combine of swindlers of the funds of the Samaja and a pack of police black sheep, taking advantage of a defective judicial system, where the primary court does not think it necessary to go beyond the assortment of accusations to be prima facie convinced that the forwarding officer is not influenced by the accuser, said Sri Pattanayak.

Educationist Benudhar Dobai, and eminent socio-political leaders of the locality Raghunath Das and Laxman Raut expressed solidarity with the trio in their just fight against oppression and against corruption in Utkalmani’s paper, the paper to which the people of Orissa have always emotionally helped.


In response to the reception, Brajabhai informed the public that his positive role in bettering the Samaja has led to exposure of the negative role played by fellows like Manubhai Patel and therefore, in nexus with a corrupt police they have coined concocted cases against him.

Subash Singh said, the workers and working journalists of the Samaja shall continue to treat the paper as their own and therefore, the looters of the Samaja fund and users of the paper in their own interest would continue to treat the employees as their enemies. But the working class shall win and the manipulators shall fail, he said.

Mirzapur_Devi P.Nayak

Devi Prasanna Nayak declared that he shall continue to oppose the killing of the spirit of Gopabandhu in the Samaja set up and thanked the general public for its tremendous support to the employees in their fight for justice.

Amongst others, educationist Binod Bihari Behera, Prashant Dwivedi, Sridhar Sahu,Subash Mishra, Purusottam Das, Kedar Deo, Uday Mallik, Jnanaranjan Aich, Bijay Kumar Das were conspicuous by their participation.

Youth leader Ranjan Deo proposed vote of thanks.

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