Govt. escapes by paying cash to rape victims; such payment needs uniformity and recovery

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa Chief Minister is noted for escaping public wrath by paying cash to the victim of rape or to families of the victims that succumb to effect of rape or die in gang rape. This helps him transform public sympathy for the rape victim to his political advantage, though thereby the State Exchequer gets denuded.

Rape occurs in the climate of crime his deficient administration has created, as under his misrule, capitalism has engulfed the State with all its malicious components of cruelty against the weaker sections.

People are and would remain responsible for continuance of the climate of crime as long as capitalism and its stooges exist; because it is they who should exterminate the tentacles of capitalism and dismiss from power its propounders and perpetrators through ballots, when the time comes. An ancient Oriya axiom rues, “Darire nan lekhaile saru mota baribara adhikar na thae” meaning, a prostitute has no right of choice between sizes of penis. So, whosoever has no objection to political system of exploitation, shall have to live in a state where advantaged fellows shall rape the disadvantaged and the victims of the sense of insecurity will feel, howsoever pervert and sadistic be that, a sense of victory by raping the weaker of either gender. So, the more aggressive has become the spread of capitalism, more menacing has become perpetration of rape in frequency and brutality. Had Naveen Patnaik not been working for capitalism, in these fifteen years of his chiefministry, a climate of concern for fellow beings might have reigned over Orissa. Economy of Rape could not have become such a voracious eater of our exchequer.

But the more baffling is erratic payment of cash compensation in rape cases. There is no uniformity in State-aid to rape victims. All the victims should have free treatment and equal does of compensation and this provision need be legalized immediately. Whims and caprices of handlers of public money must not be allowed to determine who of the victims should get how much cash. And, the cash thus paid, must not be a donation from the State. It must legally be a must for the Government to recover the cash spend by the State towards treatment and compensation from the police of the locality of rape, as it is universally seen that rapists are often protected by the police and rapists escape in nexus with the police. Laws may be amended for the purpose.

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