Is it not better for him to quit?

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said on Saturday while returning from G20 summit that, he “would be very happy to work for the Congress Party under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi”, who, to him, “will be an ideal choice for Prime Minister’s position after 2014 election”.

One regrets to mark in this statement how domesticated he has become by Fiorze (Khan) Gandhi’s heirs in power to the detriment of the dignity of our sovereignty. It is a shame for a country that an incumbent prime minister does not feel ashamed of himself while showing such naked sycophancy to Rahul Gandhi, who himself does not know if people shall vote him or not. In recent elections, in the major states, wherever he has campaigned for the Congress, the party has lost. And, future would be more resolute against the party of the American agents that has destroyed the purpose of Indian democracy, which was spelt out by our founding fathers.

Had Singh been a man with an iota of responsibility for the country and respect for his own position, he should have addressed himself to oppose the imposition of Rahul Gandhi on India as a prime-ministerial candidate by the Congress party’s lady autocrat of non-Indian origin and her factotums; because, our freedom fighters had not perished in British prisons and our martyrs had not sacrificed their lives for a dynastic rule in India.

Manmohan is till now the most malfunctioning prime minister India has the misfortune to endure. But, by disclosing his agenda to work for what would de facto be a dynastic rule, he has entirely lost his moral right to rule over whatever semblance of democracy we still are possessing.

The 12 year old Baji Raut of Orissa had not laid down his life in fighting the dynastic rule of Dhenkanal King, whose nexus with the British had unleashed the worst ever reign of terror on the soil, for independent India to be shanghaied into dynastic rule of the heirs of Firoze (Khan) Gandhi by fellows like Singh in the chair of her prime minister.

Innumerable freedom fighters had not perished in British prisons and Martyrs like Bhagat Singh had not laid down their lives to bring us our liberty, for Singh and his likes to subjugate independent India to the hegemony of American imperialism, misrule, mega scams and dynastism.

If Manmohan Singh has an ambition to work under Rahul Gandhi, it would be better for him to resign and hand him over the reign, which many of his wagon are on records eager to see since long. Any delay may mar the possibility; because, come 2014, the silent sufferers yet patriots in majority, will, sure, fix the Congress wagon.

However, from now on, it would be difficult for Indian patriots to regard Singh as upholder of their democracy; as increasingly he would be viewed as an annihilator of democracy and a man in use in making a road for a dynastic rule in the guise of democracy.

Is it not better for him to quit?

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