Thorium scam is a hybrid of Indo-US nuke deal and major media aversion to Left

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

India is denuded of thorium roughly estimated to be of 60 lakh crores in Indian rupee, by plunderers in the regime of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after adoption of Indo-US nuke deal. The scam is a hybrid of the deal clamped on India by the pro-American Congress and aversion of major media to the Left.

In October 2007, when the left had stymied the nuke deal with USA, invigorated by a visit to that country, the lady autocrat of Congress Sonia Gandhi, under whose control, Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherjee had been playing all mischief to get the deal through, had declared that the opponents of the nuke deal “are not only enemies of the Congress but also of peace and development”.

I retorted her immediately with a headline: I OPPOSE NUKE DEAL. AM I ENEMY OF MY PEOPLE, MRS. SONIA GANDHI?

When media in India in general was not interested to see through the real issue, under this headline, I had written, “The deal is not a trade deal; it is a cooperation deal. The natural stock of Uranium in America is exhausted. Earlier in these pages the data is given. Boycotted in the world due to American conspiracy, India has developed her own method of nuclear fuel cycle using Thorium and having been blessed by Mother Nature with massive reserve of Thorium, we are very comfortably placed to march ahead in generating nuclear power to our own advantage. In this respect we are adjudged “unique” in the world. Face-to-face with paucity of Uranium, the United States of America administration has set its eyes on Thorium stock of India and on the unique technology that we have developed on its use. The cooperation clause in the deal that Sonia is so determined to operate is designed to facilitate usurping of our Thorium stock by the United States”.

The TIMES NOW channel, after 6 years of the above observation, has come out with a report, that speaks of a thorium scam worth Rs. 60 lakh crores. The scam has been carried out in the period commencing from passing of the nuke deal with USA in Indian Parliament. “The scam has raised questions of how thorium was illegally plundered”, it has stated.

But I am sure, had influential media organizations educated the people about the possible loot of thorium, which the deal was bound to facilitate, this scam could not have taken place. The obnoxious aversion of major media organizations to any movement led by the left has resulted in this scam.

Instead of claiming credit for exposure of a scam, it will be better if they amend their stance.

To save the country from such scams, plutocracy, of which both the ruling Congress and the Opposition BJP are the two wings, must not only be clipped, but also be exterminated.

Get ready to do this, if you love your fellow beings.

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