Govt. must reveal what training the IAS officers obtain in USA

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Around a hundred IAS officers have been sent to USA to obtained training. They are being trained in which matter? And why USA has become their training destination?

Since long, conspiring to capture Indian market and exploit the vast natural resources of India, the US of America has been using all its tricks including arranging occupation of important administrative and policy framing posts by its agents.

Therefore, it is essential that the public be apprised of by the government as to what training the officers are obtaining from USA at the cost of Indian exchequer.

The Government must reveal who of the IAS officers has acquired what expertise in which subject from training in USA and to what extent that expertise has benefited India.

The government should also tell the public as to whether or not India has the scope to reorient the officers with necessary training in India. If there is no scope, why so?

We have enough reason to term training in USA as pro-American mind-washing. So, to us, deputing IAS officers, whose service objective empowers them to “control” administration, to obtain truing in USA would be devastative to our national interest.

Let the government tell us everything clearly and unambiguously.

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  1. Let alone the Government pl.
    Why ? Because ;

    We Indians are a bunch of strange objects. Nothing can be told about us in certainty, more so about the BABUs (IAS officers) for that matter.

    A personal experience goes like this…. that was early 1970’s when i was a graduate student in New York then. One young IAS officer was on a training program who lived amongst us with lot of fun-n-friendliness. In the early days of his arrival we also helped him with his bed to sleep on the floor…….i.e. after few days he selected a dumped mattress on the street (by the way it is usual in that country to throw away many things when moved or simply to accommodate a newer article in place of the old ones to make room etc.), which we fetched for him to have comfortable sleep in the night that he did use for next 3 months during his training period and returned home with lot of rich experience I am sure.

    But Now………..mark it:

    After a couple of years, when I returned home permanently to serve my motherland……………………………I made some time to meet him. But lo-n-behold, to my utter surprise, I couldn’t even touch his tail with the longest pole I ever could arrange. What a grateful creature was he and what a man the American training tag had made of him!
    So, save the country ………….prayers only.

  2. The mostly psychopathic elements are selected for those posts as admitted by a great American banker so that they become an effective instruments for loot in the interest of crony capitalists anywhere in the world. They are intelligent and nakedly selfish , cruel , manipulator , dreaded lair but can speak charmingly smartly.

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