Citizens Convention creates a Committee to protect women

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In a citizens convention participated by eminent activists and intellectuals comprising University Professors, teachers, journalists, lawyers, doctors, engineers and artists at Lohia Academy Auditorium on Sept.22, 2013, a Committee has been formed to ensure protection of women from atrocities.

Presided over by Prof. Aruna Mishra, the convention deliberated upon the base paper placed by social activist Ms. Bijaylaxmi Patra and was addressed by Prof. Rita Roy, Prof. Lambodar Prasad Singh, Prof. Birendra Nayak, Journalist Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, Writer Aparna Nayak, Actor Narayan Pati, Urdu Poet Rehna Khanam, Er. Aksaya Das and Smt Anita Mishra amongst others.

The convention that commenced with silent standing ovation to the heroic girls and women extinguished at the alter of brutality by rapists at different corners of the country including Orissa, resolved to create a Committee to build up an environment where women will feel safe and atrocities of every sort shall stop.

A resolution to this effect was unanimously adopted, with a Committee constituted with the following members:

Advisory Body

Sj. Raghunath Mohapatra, 2. Prof. Swadhin Pattanaik, 3. Prof. Aruna
Mishra, 4. Prof. Ashutosh Parida, 5. Journalist Subash Chandra Pattanayak, 6. Prof. Sanghamitra Mishra, 7. Actor Ajit Das, 8. Prof. Birendra Kumar Nayak;

Executive Office bearers

Prof. Rita Ray (President), 1. Dr. Kanta Das Mohapatra, Scientist, 2. Smt. Gayatri Pattanaik, Principal, 3. Smt. Anita Mishra, Research Scholar, 4. Smt. Aparna Nayak, Writer, 5. Smt. Rehena Khanam, Urdu Poet, 6. Dr. Smrutirekha Mohanty, Doctor, 7. Smt. Subhra Das, Teacher & Writer, 8. Sj. Narayan Pati, Film Artist & Director, 9. Sj. Biswapriya Kanungo, Human right activist, and 10. Sj. Bipin Bihari Tripathy,Rtd Teacher (All Vice- Presidents); Smt. Bijaylaxmi Patra (Secretary); 1. Smt. Prava Manjula Brahma, Social Activist, 2. Smt. Nandita Mahato, Social Activist, 3. Smt. Binodini Jena, Teacher, 4. Smt. Sujata Dhal, Teacher,5. Smt. Sarasi Das, Artist, 6. Swosti Sangeta Dalei, Student Leader, 7. Sj. Bikram Keshari Routray, Lecturer, 8. Sj. Kishor Kumar Barik, Advocate, 9. Sj. Subhranshu Sekhar Mohanty, Advocate, 10. Sj. Sudhanshu Sekhar Tripathy, Advocate
11. Sj. Prabhu, Music Director, 12. Pratap Senapati, Research Scholar
Sangram Swain, Social Activist, 14. Dr. Biswashree Gyanna Ranjan
Nayak, 15. Niranjan Mohanty, Advocate, and 16. Subash Chandra Nayak, Social Activist (All Organising Secretaries); Saptarsini Roul (Treasurer); and

Executive Members

1. Saraswati Sethi, 2. Smt. Kalpana Sethy, 3. Smt. Sujata Nayak, 4. Smt. Puspa Nayak, 5. Smt. Sanjukta Jena, 6. Smt. Kuni Akhua ,7. Saraswati Badajena, 8. Smt. Nirupama Mallick, 9. Rita Bhoi, 10. Sujata Behera, 11. Smt. Katayani Niranjan, 12. Smt. Sabita Mallick, 13. E. Santanu Kumar Patra, 14. Smt. Rama Behera, 15. Smt. Saila Barik, 16. Sj. Suresh Das, 17. Upendra Barik, 18. Manas Kumar Panda, 19. Sj. Srinibas Das, 20. Santosh Rath, and 21. Rajendra Burma

the audiance

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