The Nonsense

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The son of the lady autocrat of the party of family factotums – the Congress – has given a remote slap on the face of prime minister Manmohan Singh for the nonsense he concussed the country with, in pursuit of  his design to keep Indian Houses of representatives sanctuaries of rogues.

And, to condemn the prime minister’s action as wrong and nonsense, he preferred to address the press!

In a just and welcomed-by-the-people-judgment, the Supreme Court of India had tried to cleanse the houses of people’s representatives of the criminals that infest the ramparts of democracy. Except only one party, i.e. the Communist Party of India (CPI), all other major parties have their packs of criminals in the legislative houses. The highest number of criminals that have entered into the Parliament and Assemblies belong to the Congress party when the second highest numbers of them are  members of BJP. On the basis of data collected from candidates’ affidavits submitted while filing nomination papers, 30% of elected representatives are stark criminals/ fellows with criminal records. In order to help democracy get rid of the criminals, the Supreme Court had delivered a historic case law that deserves to be regarded as the wisest step for safeguarding Indian democracy at the present juncture. 

In stead of honoring the case law created by the Supreme Court, the criminal-dominated political parties – the ruling Congress with the majority of criminals followed by the main opposition BJP – formed a nasty nexus to foil the case law. And, the prime mister, who, had the criminals not been ruling the roost, should never have thrived in power, ensured that a law be made by the Parliament to assure the criminals of continuity in their privileged positions and the Bill in this respect, despite being anti- people, got nod in the upper house of Parliament, as birds of the same feathers flocked together.

The lower house of Parliament could have also passed it had technicalities permitted. Span of the session of the lower house was expanded to play this trick upon the people. But in this country, nasty designs do not always click.

With the session over, criminals – majority in the Congress – started fidgeting, as , in an environment of judicial screening, uncertainty grew over the Bill, which was clearly contrived to foil the mandamus issued by the Supreme Court.

So, the ordinance was coined. With a seasoned sycophant of the Congress autocrat in the chair of the country’s President, it was expected that, despite the right-wingers’ drama of objection, the ordinance will get signed and enforced.

It was never witnessed by any that the son of the lady autocrat of the Congress had any objection to the said ordinance. Manmohan Singh is such a docile acolyte of the Congress autocrat that he prided recently in saying that he would consider it a privilege to work under Rahul Gandhi, who, in his opinion should be the best choice for the prime minister post. So, only an idiot can take it, that, Singh had preferred the ordinance without the approval of the Congress autocrat or her son Rahul. 

Why then Rahul calls the Ordinance a nonsense? Why he deliberately told the press a few hours ago that he considers the act of Manmohan Singh administration in factoring the ordinance entirely wrong and nonsense? Why?

Let Rahul give the answer. He has no right to take the nation for granted.

It may not be wrong to assume that by openly embarrassing Manmohan Singh , Rahul  wants to hoodwink the people with a new attire of emancipator. He wants to give the message that Singh’s administration is wrong and nonsense and he, as a man with sense, has no support for Singh’s nonsense. 

Speculations rife that the Congress will now press for withdrawal of the ordinance and the Singh administration shall comply with that to establish before the eyes of the people that it is Rahul who alone has the sense to eliminate administrative nonsense. 

What a monstrous farce!

If Singh has an iota of shame, he shall resign. If he refuses to resign, sycophants of the lady autocrat will force him to resign. Then Rahul shall immediately take over and as per design, reverse the priority of administration from Americanism to Aam Indian Admi. This will be ample reason to expect survival of Congress despite all the scams it has patronized and all the damages it has done to Indian democracy.

And, is it as per American design?

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