Withdrawal is not enough, mens rea needs be known

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
The Prime Minister and his colleagues in the cabinet have proved that they do not serve Indian democracy; but serve the dynastic rule run by the misleading name of “Gandhi” as the mischievous ordinance contrived to protect the convicted members of Parliament and Assemblies stands withdrawn to please the prince of the said dynasty.

They have digested the insult of being called nonsense over the ordinance by Rahul Gandhi without even daring to condemn the Congress vice-president for the obnoxious manner he used to hurl the nasty wordy missile at the cabinet, that does not comprise the Congress members only, but also members of allies.

The mischief was meant to foil the mandamus issued by the Supreme court to unseat convicted members of the houses of people’s representatives and disallow candidacy to any convicted criminal in future. But Manmohan Singh ministry is so one with the criminals that it contrived a bill to foil the apex court order.

Other parties in the Opposition, almost all of them having thrived because of muscle and money power of the criminals, collectively, except the CPI and the BJD, wanted the Supreme Court verdict rendered inconsequential, even to the extent of seeing the bill cleared by the Rajya Sabha.

The entire nation, fortunately this time with appropriate media input, woke up against the mischief and the rumbling was too loud to be ignored.

So, despite its adoption in the Rajyasabha and despite pro-criminals being in utmost majority in the Loksabha, and despite its session extended for the purpose, the bill was not pressed for adoption. Then the cabinet crafted this ordinance.

At 6 PM today, the same cabinet has been forced to withdraw the ordinance and has agreed to withdraw the bill with leave of the Loksabha. The country has won.

But the Prime Minister, who should have resigned in recognition of the wrath of the people in this particular matter, has refused to resign. He and his cabinet colleagues have shown that they have no respect for the nation and they have no regards for public opinion. They have withdrawn the ordinance, because the son of the Congress autocrat wanted it withdrawn. In other words, therefore, the Prime Minister and his cabinet colleagues have, in withdrawing the ordinance, not honored the paramountcy of the people, but have carried out what Rahul Gandhi desired them to do. This is nothing but helping dynasty dwarf democracy.

In such circumstances, withdrawal of the notorious bill is not enough. The mens rea behind drafting of the bill and subsequent ordinance needs be made known. Let them be forced to divulge the mens rea.

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