Prof Abani Baral passes away

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A paragon of progressive outlook, Prof. Abani Kumar Baral, is no more. Prof. Baral dedicated major part of his life to didactics as well as to the cause of the teaching community. He belonged to that section of human society, to which struggle for others’ emancipation remained more attractive than personal benefits.

Prof. Baral was founder of the Teachers Movement in Orissa, Secretary General of All Orissa Federation of Teachers Organizations, and the Vice-President of FISE, the World Body of Teachers. He was eminent as an educationist, trade unionist, litterateur, artist, and as a communist leader. He was also the working chairman of the birth centenary committee of Bhagat Singh.

Prof. Abani Baral

Prof. Abani Baral

He was not limited to his organizational responsibilities as he was also marked for unique contributions to the philosophy of systematization of the teachers organizations and connection thereof to world efforts against exploitation.

A teacher par excellence in Oriya literature, he had authored more than twenty books.

Prof. Baral was 78. and its sister sites join his family members – wife Prof. Adaramani Boral, and four children – Abhas, Akash, Arati and Ahuti, in deep sorrow. 

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