A boon for Bullet Riders from a Mechanic of Orissa

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

My majestic friendI have preserved my Bullet as a souvenir of my ebullient past, as my present age permits me no more to continue my tryst with this 2120mm long and 1080mm high majestic beauty.

But when it was my passion to surge with its unique rhythm, the only provision I was wishing the Royal Enfield to have made, was in the matter of its chain. Every seven to eight thousand kilometers, the chain was to be changed. Even earlier to that, the chain was becoming slack.

I am sure, every lover of Bullet must be having the same feeling as I, that something should be done to tackle the chain problem inherent with this magnificent motorcycle. Once habituated with the Bullet, no motorcyclist would prefer any other two-wheeler, the users say and I entirely agree.

But Bullet riders do not make the Bullet. What to do, if Royal Enfield, its maker, does not do something to help its customers escape the chagrin its chain so frequently puts them to?

Antrayami BarikA mechanic of Orissa, Antaryami Barik, has come up with a tremendous solution.

Antaryami with his bulletHe is a great fan of Bullet. A highlander by birth, born in the hilly district of Nayagarh, he has covered whole of Orissa in his Bullet Standard 350 in a very uncommon urge to spend solitary moments with the serene beauty of the hills, several times on his Bullet of 1986 model. For his own composure, in his own garage, he has developed such a component that, while negotiating the hilly and bumpy roads, he never faces any problem over the chain. His bike has given him more than 3 lakh Kms of ride so far; and now, he is on his fifth chain on the bike, which indicates that every chain has given him at least 60,000 kilometers, because of the component he has invented and attached to his Bullet.

The idea to equip the motorcycle with such a component to keep the chain comfortably useable for so many kilometers, is a great exercise of personal intellect and the component is clearly an intellectual invention of Sri Barik.

The Royal Enfield, manufacturer of the Bullet Motorcycles, may immensely gain if Barik shares with it his invention. He is available at: antaryami1965@gmail.com and antaryamibarik.orissa@gmail.com

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