If not a mask of Congress, Kejriwal must act first and fast against rapists of law in Congress regime

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The devil always acts under a mask. Under a mask of Tapaswi, the demon Ravan had obtained boons from different Gods including Brahma and even Rama’s wife Sita had fallen into his trap when he begged for alms under the mask of a Vedic Sanyasi. Kejriwal bagged the second-largest chunk of votes under the mask of an antagonist of Congress, by shattering the spate of support BJP was expecting from the people of Delhi. But, instead of initiating action against the criminals that misused political and executive positions to corrupt administration during Ms. Sheila Dixit’s chief-ministry, despite the guilt unveiled by investigation, he has preferred to be a Congress dependent for power.

Ever since emergence of Kejriwal in political horizon, this site has been questioning his design. A creation, mostly of corporate media and the very same mediamen that had tried to hijack 2004 election for Vajpayee swallowing around five hundred crores of rupees in course of the misleading media campaign they had masterminded and executed, which was so very offensive, undemocratic and monstrous that a noted national newspaper editor had to confess that, that was a war between the media and the people of India, Kejriwal has acted a stooge of Congress to convert spontaneous awakening of the people against Manmohan Singh’s political economy of capitalism to campaign against corruption.

People were seeing their exchequer looted under mega scams; people were seeing the gap between the rich and the poor was widening; people were being treated as non-entities by the government(s) in nefarious design to hand over their lands and natural habitats to mine-exploiters and industrialists; people were seeing the benefits of planning flowing into coffers of the rich and the mafia; cost of living was becoming so high that the government was increasing dearness allowance for its employees again and again so that the tentacles of exploitation won’t irreparably suffer; people in the majority were denuded of their purchasing power and the power-holders, sure that they would certainly die in starvation unless life-saving food materials like rice and wheat supplied to them in the highest subsidized rate, had provided for rice, as in Orissa at the rate of rupee one per Kg; people, the helpless victims of relentless rise of price of essential commodities, perishing under starvation and slow starvation, were so miserably unable to feed their children that, the UNICEF had to report that 43% of Indian children below five years were underweight, whereas 48% were stunted due to chronic undernourishment with 20% wasting away in starvation.

On the other hand, according to researched data made available by Wealth-X, only 150 Indians possess wealth in the range of 500 million to 999 millions US $, and only 109 billionaires in the country control 20.5% of the total fortune the ultra wealthy segment comprising 7,730 individuals that possess more than 70% of national wealth in India. Because of these marginal numbers of ultra wealthy fellows, Indians in general are so abjectly poor.

When people had started linking all these ills to capitalism and their revolt was spontaneous and the capitalists knew that the mass upsurge against Manmohan Singh’s misrule will metamorphose into mass revolt against capitalism, agents were desperately cultivated to stymie the awakening of the people against capitalism.

And, for this, they needed fellows who should not have had any political identity, so that the people, disgusted with known politicians, would have no hesitation to rely upon them.

At that time, as we had exposed in this site, Anna Hazare and his gang including Kejriwal appeared on the scene and with the dedicated help of rich media, eventually converted the people’s spontaneous upsurge against capitalism-propelled misrule to campaign for a Lokpal as if Lokpal is the final panacea!

Exactly as Jaya Prakash Narayan was used in the 1970s to hijack and kill the people’s spontaneous revolt against Indira Gandhi so that status quo continues to serve the interest of the rich, Hazare and his gang was used to foil people’s uprising against capitalistic anarchy created by Manmohan Singh so that capitalism continues unhindered and unchallenged.

Despite the muck differences with Hazare, Kejriwal has succeeded in halting the revolt against capitalism and rich media is brainwashing people to accept that, not capitalism but corruption is the issue in the coming election.

And, rich media is instigating the mainstream communists to stay with this issue, even if, thereby, they are to forgo their known stance against communalism. Last evening, Sitaram Yechury agreeing to such a proposal advanced in Times Now channel deserves attention in this specific context.

The war has begun. Like in 2004 to help Vajpayee stay in power and complete his notorious mission of selling away all public sector undertakings to private houses, certain operators of rich media, committed to keep capitalism protected from mass rejection, have started cultivating a climate of political confusion, by shrewd image building of Kejriwal and projection of corruption as the issue for election, even though corruption is caused by avarice that capitalism enhances.

It was necessary for the people to decide whether or not to stay with capitalism, in view of all the debacles the country has suffered since Manmohan Singh’s economic policy has infested India. But Kejriwal with the help of or under the influence of corporate media has made it a non-issue.

Yet, AAP seems acceptable

Yet, in absence of a credible Communist party, AAP seems acceptable. People, serious about freeing the country from the Congress and the communalists, are inclined to take it as an unavoidable alternative to the nakedly anti-people set-up in power. This is why, clean personalities in various areas are joining AAP. When Medha Patekar has pledged her support to it, Nandita Das allowed herself to be associated with it. That, so far apolitical people are finding AAP to be their forum of fight against political miscreants is evidenced in Devi Prasanna Nayak’s joining the new party. A principled fighter against misusers of media power, and himself an eminent desk journalist, Sri Nayak has not only joined AAP, but also has started organizing the people of his area in Jajpur district of Orissa in support of AAP. In every nook and corner of this State, young educated men and women with dedication and dreams for the country are seen expressing themselves in support of AAP.

It is incumbent upon Kejriwal and his team to ensure that their hopes are not thrown into the labyrinth of rule by the rich for benefit of the rich.

Therefore, instead of wasting time in posing the ruler in ‘Janata Darbar’, he should quickly act against culprits identified by investigating bodies.

Coming to power out of campaign against corruption, he cannot say that he does not know who was indulged in corruption during the period of his predecessor. He knows them. He needs to pass orders for their arrest immediately so that custodial investigations can help the police find out details of their crimes and pave the way for punishment to them.

If not a mask of the Congress, Kejriwal must act first and fast against the rapists of law in Congress regime.

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