The entire nation should stand with Kejriwal at this critical juncture

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Kejriwal has no political ideology. But at the present juncture, he deserves total support of whosoever loves India.

When police browbeats the political government, if people stand mute spectators, democracy shall certainly die. This is going to happen in Delhi.

As I watch what is happening at Delhi, it seems Kejriwal is the last hope for democracy. The oppressive wing of corrupt administration – the police – is refusing to cooperate with Delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, and this is enough to discard all reservations against him and to stand with him like the Himalayas have stood with India so far.

Kejriwal is not a creation of any political economy. And, he is not a professional politician. In him, there is no commitment to any political economy. To people like me he is prima facie unacceptable as a political leader; because there is no political economy in his approach. Absence of political economy in his political evolution means that he is not specific in his class approach. In other words, he is not against the status quo.

Yet the way Delhi Police is opposing him makes it clear that he is the people’s Chief Minister and therefore, the anti-people wing of administrative horror is refusing to cooperate with him.

On the spot direction of Delhi Law Minister to the area police to immediately act against a pack of miscreants, engaged, to his information, in illegal activities, was a just order from a political government that has replaced a very anti-people corrupt political set-up. The police not only refused to carry out the orders of the Minister, but also shocked him with stark insubordination and obnoxious contempt for the cabinet, the law minister being a member of the collective body of ministers called the cabinet. This is sheer disgusting. No sane mind can accept that the police browbeats the State Ministry.

It is more shocking for the country that instead of supporting him in giving Delhi a working administration that acts to restore people’s confidence in their government, the two major parties in Delhi’s political arena are shamelessly spewing their venoms against Kejriwal.

In such circumstances, for people of India, the Capital City State has emerged a real battleground for democracy.

The party of profiteers, traders, hoarders, black-marketeers, public sector destroyers, disintegrators, irresponsible orators; and the party of favor seekers, shameless sycophants and dynastic rule supporters are siding with the police when Kejriwal, for the first time in Delhi’s life, is trying to make his government a people’s government.

In many articles I have posted here, I have expressed my considered views against Kejriwal, to the extent of even suspecting him as a mask of the practitioners of political economy of capitalism; because he has offered no alternative economic ideology. But, as I have been watching him since the elections to Delhi Assembly, I have increasingly got the inclination to say that he is the best to have happened to our motherland. He did not hanker after power when majority seat gainer BJP refused to come forward to honor the people’s desire to have a new government. The second position holder in terms of majority – Kejriwal – for the first time in Indian republican history, wanted direction from the people as to whether it would be proper not to form the government and on the basis of popular wish, he decided to take up the responsibility.

So, it is clear, he is a leader who is created by the people to bring out a change of rule by the enemies of the people. Leaders creat revolutions; but revolution of people against misrule has created him.

And, now, when he is trying to give the people a government of their own, the Police is refusing to take his orders, in the guise of law and order! And, the very same politicians whose misrule has ruined the people are attacking him.

It is good for India that he has refused to be browbeaten by the police and the unscrupulous politicians.

Forget party politics, forget political economy. Stand with Kejriwal and stand with his fight against misrule in the name of rules.

It may be situational, but is essential.

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