Assembly in its last session: Industrial face of Govt in hibernation

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Governor S.C.Jamir was very emphatic on how Maoists are being marginalized through combing operations in Orissa when four special security battalions are pressed to combat the ultra revolutionaries in southern districts. As many as 183 police stations considered vulnerable are provided with more hands to exterminate extremism, he informed Orissa Legislative Assembly today while reading out his address that was attacked by the leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh in a parallel speech of protest. Congress party ultimately boycotted the Governor’s speech. But in his speech, the governor was seen shying at detailing the contributions, if any, of industry to economic improvement of the state.

The Governor said that per capita income has gone up to Rs. 26,900 per annum by 2011-12. Though the data thus indicate that the government is not updated, the governor claimed that poverty rate has come down to 24.6%.

If poverty rate has come down, industry’s role in this is not known.

But, tillers of land, who are never given priority at par with industry, have given the real boost to economy by producing food grains to the tune of 114 lakh metric tons in 2012-13 which is, according to the governor, an all-time record.

One is to watch if the Assembly pulls out the government’s industrial face from hibernation to evaluate its contribution to economic improvement, when the customary speech of the governor has not thrown adequate light on the greatest beneficiaries of official priority.

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