Amethi raises a point the nation ought to look at

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The Amethi Sub-Divisional Magistrate has refused a residential certificate to Rahul Gandhi, with the observation that he has no proof of stay, even occasionally, in Amethi.

Onus lies on Rahul to explain his position to Indian public.

Any Indian can represent any constituency in the Loksabha without being a voter of that constituency. But the constituency that sends him/her to the Loksabha should not be remote controlled. One elected to the Loksabha is duty-bound to make himself/ herself available to the Lokas (common people) of the constituency, as he/she is morally bound to be one of them. And, for this, a permanent residence of the leader in the constituency is essential. The Court has shown that Rahul gandhi has not bothered about it.

This sad truth exposes how he and his likes have killed the very spirit of the concept of the Loksabha.

The concept of Loksabha under Indian Republic never countenances ghost representation, inasmuch as a Loksabha Member is to basically represent the lokas (the common people) of the concerned constituency.

It is, therefore, high time to make it a legal must for people’s representatives to have their houses in any well-connected nerve-center of the constituencies they represent within at best six-months of their election, failing which the election should be declared null and void.

To avoid load of expenditure on the exchequer and loss of administrative time, no re-election should be allowed in such cases and from amongst the candidates who besides being the residents of the constituency should have got the highest number of votes next to the dismissed winner, must automatically be declared elected.

This is essential to save democracy from being remote-controlled and ruined.

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