My Pride as an Indian did not allow me to vote

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

I did not vote yesterday. My pride as an Indian did not allow me to vote, because thereby plutocracy could have earned my approval, when I have been opposing it to the best of my ability.

I am happy that, many people are not voting. Most of them are averse to voting, because by voting, they are not getting any good government. In fact, plutocracy never gives a good government.

People mistake plutocracy as democracy, as both the systems are based on votes.

In plutocracy, political parties are led by the rich; the rich and/or agents of the rich get fielded as candidates by the parties of the rich; elections legally become too expensive for the poor to aspire for a seat in any house of representatives, as a result of which only the rich or the agents of the rich represent the poor and on capturing power, act against the poor, as governance under such representatives is set to support and serve only the rich, not the poor. The rich take to their ownership the natural resources of the nation by using the state power; displace people from their habitats and life-sustaining lands for private industries and the rich by using state terror; loot the exchequer for multiplication of their properties while throwing tiny amounts like orts at people in the grassroots in the name of their welfare; force the workforce to digest the ignominy of thriving on subsidized cereals like a-rupee-per-kg-rice, on a bid to survive slow-starvation. And they continue to do this by planting a set of the rich and or agents of the rich against another set of their own, making election a Hobson’s choice that continues the rule of the rich.

This plutocratic design is to be defeated.

And, it can be done, only if the method of occupying power by the rich – the elections – is shunned.

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