Waiting for Independence

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

For me and my likes, independence is yet to come. It had not come even to Mahatma Gandhi on August 15,1947. Gandhiji had not participated in the celebrations of independence. Instead of ‘Independence Day’, he had observed ‘Mahadev Desai Day’ that day. He had refused even to give a message on achievement of independence. He had “run dry”, he had told an official of Information and Broadcasying Department of Government of India, who had come for his message.

Jatiya Kabi Birakishore Das had serious questions.

He had written:
Jatiya Kabinka Prashna -1Dhani, Mahajana, Raja, Jamidara
Tyaga Mali Dhari Hoibe Bahara,
Gerua Basana Madhura Bachana
Shuni nija niti Bhuliba Ki?
The rich, the moneylenders, the Kings, the landlords would pose wreathed with tags of sacrifice. Should we forget our principles by hearing the sugar-quoted words of fellows wearing saffron colored cloths?
Jatiya Kabinka Prashna - 2Dhala Badalare Kala Hele Joka
Mentiba ki Koti Garibanks Duhkha
Chasi Mulianka Khapuriki Churi
Delhi Darabara Toliba Ki?
If the white leech goes away and black leech takes over, will bloodsucking stop and sorrows of the crores of poor be over? Should we strengthen the seat of power at Delhi by smashing the skull of farmers and workers?
These questions are yet relevant and unanswered.
I am waiting to celebrate independence when the leeches – white or black – would be no more to suck our blood.

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