SoPS in misguiding acrobatics again in the name of Gopabandhu

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
When our research prompted our conscience to expose the serious offenses committed against Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das and Orissa by the Servants of the People Society {SoPS), and when the people of Cuttack, where it is having its State Branch, rejected its invitation to participate in annual oblations (Tila Tarpana} it was to offer in his memory, and when the Save-the-Samaja-Forum organized public pledge campaigns through silent black-flag-demonstration as well as vociferous rallies with Sankalpa Rath (vehicle of pledge) rolling ahead in making people aware of how SoPS has betrayed Gopabandhu and occupied the Samaja by using a forged will of the late lamented leader, the hoodlums of SoPS, in jittery, contrived methods to mislead the people of Orissa with a motor vehicle running into different places of the State under a mischievously designed banner, ‘Gopabandhu Jyoti Rath’, for the first time in 2013 since his death in 1928.

At a cost of several lakhas of rupees, they engaged an event-management firm to run the ‘Jyoti Rath’ and by misusing media power cultivated the Chief Minister’s office to off-the-record force field officers to pompously receive the said Rath in order only to lessen the impact of the ‘Sankalpa Rath Yatra of Save-the-Samaja-Forum.

The low-paid, unpaid, exploited reporters from Block to District level were asked to hire people to help the ostentatious event appear popular. They carried out the instruction against assurances that the money spent for purpose would be reimbursed. But till date they have not got back the money they had spent on hiring the fellows.

The criminals in its roll of SoPS who have earned disdainful mention in the report of Justice Arijit Pasayat Committee that had investigated into financial and moral offenses rampant in the Samaja establishment are in jitters, as discovery of the original will of Gopabandhu has established that they are using a forged will to keep the newspaper in their illegal occupation.

They are sure of criminal prosecution for the crime they have committed.

Only if the police could be tamed, they may gain some time.

With this design, they have devised a new method to dazzle the Police-Station level officials to escape immediate arrest.
In nexus with a private TV channel and with support from a few commercial/industrial houses, they have devised an evening of entertainment by some singers and dancers under the pretense of expressing gratitude to martyrs of freedom movement on the occasion of this Independence day. They have roped in the Police Commissioner as the chief guest. The very same fellows of SoPS that are actively misusing a forged will of the legendary freedom fighter Pt. Gopabandhu Das, have projected themselves as authorities of the Samaja in various capacities, even though they have yet to establish their authenticity in the court of law where their claim of office is challenged by distinguished life member of SoPS, Prof. Kishore Ch. Tripathy. President of Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association Journalist Deviprasanna Nayak has also wanted them to clarify their position in context of the challenge to their authenticity as employees are deeply affected by uncertainty over ownership of the Samaja. But, there is no reply as yet, as SoPS knows that their crime is no more a secret.

It is not that the Police Commissioner doesn’t know of the offenses these fellows are involved with. Hon’e High Court of Orissa have given direction to the Police Chief to act upon allegation of crime against these swindlers of Samaja funds. FIRs filed by Tripathy are also pending.

One is at loss to understand, how the Police Commissioner allows himself to be associated with these fellows when their criminal conduct forms the crux of so many disputes.

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