Chit Fund Felony: If Alok Jena is correct, CBI should rethink over its lawyers

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

People of Orissa have been closely watching the CBI in its course of investigation into the chilling cheating, which they have been subjected to by the Artha Tattwa (AT) (chit fund) Chief Pradeep Sethy. And, as its investigation proceeds, people’s increasing faith in this national body becomes more defined, discernible and distinct. So this faith must not be allowed to dwindle.

At this juncture, well known social activist Sri Alok Jena has raised a point that deserves immediate attention of CBI. It is Sri Jena whose timely knock at the door of the Supreme Court has given birth to this CBI investigation into the chit fund felony. So, the point he has raised deserves serious attention.

This hovers around a silent but nagging fear of the finding of the sleuths going haywire in the sub-zone of labyrinth of law, as the ex-Advocate General Asok Mohanty already grilled by CBI over his property link with Sethy is, according to his information, married to sister-in-law of the CBI lawyer S.K.Padhi.

Padhi’s sister, according to Jena, is also married to former Director of CBI,  Sri Uma Shankar Mishra, whose connection with chit fund beneficiary Bikash Swain is conspicuous by his association with Swain’s news-daily Suryaprava since its pre-natal days.

Over and above this, Jena says, another lawyer of CBI – Mr. V. Narasingh – has taken two plots from the AT group of Sethy.

In the circumstances, despite all efforts of CBI to dig out the felony and to bring the offenders to books, mismanagement of prosecution when the results of investigations reach the hands of its above named lawyers, may mar the splendid works the sleuths are presently doing, Jena fears.

So, if Alok Jena is correct, there is reason to apprehend that the vested-interest circle of relationship of its lawyers named above with certain subjects of CBI investigation may continue to disturb Sri Jena and the cheated depositors.

It would be, therefore, better if the CBI reshuffles its team of lawyers to eliminate suspected elements of nepotism or proceeds for appointment of a new team of special prosecutors in this specific case.

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