The report is old, but certainly most relevant

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Alok Jena, on whose petition the Supreme Court of India has promulgated the current CBI investigation into chit fund felony, has surprised us with his stout suspicion that the Special Director of CBI Anil Kumar Sinha, who is in charge of the investigation, has been trying to derail the inquiry. His press note reveals that Sinha is eager to become the CBI Director and that’s why he wants the ongoing chit fund inquiry go haywire.

Why should Sinha derail the Orissa enquiry if he is interested in acquiring the CBI top post? How can Orissa politicians/IAS and IPS officers of Orissa who figure in course of the current investigation, even Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to whom needle of suspicion is pointing in increasing speed, influence the central government for elevation of Sinha, if the investigation really gets derailed?

As we were searching for a credible answer, we get a clue. If the inquiry is not derailed, the black face of some of the close associates of Prime Minister Narendra Modi may be unveiled. So, ultimately BJP is to be pleased, if the Orissa Inquiry is derailed by Sinha.

In these pages our stress has been repeatedly laid on the necessity of investigation into involvement of Justice Laxmikant Mohapatra in obliging chit fund cheat Pradip Sethy, which the CBI has not yet done. It has booked former Advocate General Asok Mohanty in matter of a residential plot, whereas the offense centering that particular plot begins with Justice Mohapatra. If the CBI reaches Mohapatra, it may also reach the crux of illegalities resorted to in allocation of plots from discretionary quota to dozens of Judges and powerful functionaries by sheer misuse of position mostly by two persons who were and are top leaders of BJP in Orissa, one, even now heading it. It may come to light, how Modi’s cabinet colleague from Orissa Jewel Oram has benefited from the same sort of illegalities too.

A friend has preferred a video to me in matter of a different posting. Even as I have already used the same, I deem it proper to use it here, because it provides a clue to why the BJP government in the center may be pleased with Sinha if, as suspected by Jena, the ongoing CBI enquiry in Orissa is derailed. The video shows how BJP leaders, when holding cabinet berths as Urban Development Ministers, have misused discretionary quota. We suspect, they have granted this favor to certain judges to buy protection in cases they were involved; and to some others under backhanders, which can only be defined by a faithful CBI, if its enquiry is not derailed.

The report is old; but is certainly most relevant.


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  1. So finally the NUT- Cracks; It’s our dear Narendra Bhai then. The Air Port Road stopped abruptly at the Governor’s house Circle in honor of the Head of the State Unit of his party or because of the appeasements of Plots in Bhubaneswar to save the Sky Touching White Pillars of BritishRaj-pillars of BJP-swachha-Bharat-CONNECTIONS besides the King-pin of all vices now in the State ‘ the BJD, Sir ‘.

    The video is probably the tip of the ice berg with the counting of 10-Hon’ble HC Judges, 28-High Ranking IAS-n-IPS BABUS that including the Chief Sec. , and of course, Our Dear Netas from all parties like BJP/BJD/CONG/etc.. ( Ministers, MLAs, MPs along with their loving SONS/DAUGHTERS and beloved relatives too…..). Why not, the State do belong to them ONLY ??? Because we the commoners are only to be requested/coaxed to VOTE every 5-yrs and then bear the burden of paying for their luxury and clap at their competition in LOOT of the state. They take turns from time to time (every 5/10 yrs) and manage the show neatly amongst themselves like to-day the Hon’ble SC was informed by the Govt. that the details of the Black Money A/cs cannot be made public for …………………….. .

    Finally, should i say, “The Report is Old, n-certainly NOT important” for whatever may happen, “The Show Will/Must Go On” any way.

    Thank God the ‘Father of the Nation’ is no more to witness ……………… the day after the Mid-Night unfurling of the TriColor …. and the WHEEL OF THE FATE OF THE NATION HAS, of course, GONE A FULL ROUND with the Economic Slavery standing one step right inside our door.

  2. Nobody talks about these people who have become ministers and head of state units, while prosecution harasses the poor tribals (in the gangapatna case). Shame on all of us.

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