Water Resources Dept is in CM’s hand; Irrigation Project pushed into Ruin

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
Deviprasanna on the dam Hilly Orissa is dependent on rain for cultivation. The only solace is availability of water in some locations by jointing two adjoining hills by dams. Dadara Ghati Dam on river Gambharia Nallah in Dhenkanal District is one such irrigation project that I had an opportunity to visit along with distinguished editorialist Deviprasanna Nayak at the end of summer this year.

Ever since water resources department has fallen in the hands of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik this project is lying abandoned. It is pushed into utter ruin due to total lack of maintenance and care.

Pictures will say.

This is the abandoned dam –

the abandoned dam Its junked Board of Silent Feature is indicative of what utter negligence the project is subjected to. This is the Board – Junked board of silent feature   Its office is abandoned. The pictures below would show its pathetic condition. abandoned officeAbandoned office, ruined entrance   Its operation is abandoned. abandoned operation ABANDONED OPERATION 2   It is not in use for years. Nobody takes its care. No attention is paid to its maintenance. Not in use for years   As I stand under the dam, to my left on the State Highway, preferrers of shorter routes from coastal to western Orissa and vice versa are seen speeding away in their vehicles. Ah! If someone could come and see how this great irrigation asset is crying for attention! SCP

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  2. It is peculiar that all officers against whom our CM had personally complained to CBI become his top favourites after some time and they get top posts and post-retirement jobs. Some prominent examples are-(1) Complaint of Polythene scam against Sri D N Padhi, IAS, Spl Relief Commissioner in 1999 Super cyclone. His polythene worth at least about Rs 3 crores was never used in that super cyclone or any other flood till today-but was given clean chit and was made Chief Information Commissioner for 5 years after retirement. (2) Mesco Steel Bond Scam-FIR had been filed by CM against Sri Aditya Padhi, then MD of Ipicol as main accused who is now Secretary to CM posing as nonfunctional and holidaying in London. He will definitely be Chief Secretary and get post retirement job. Other accused P K Mishra became coal Secretary in 2003 when coal scam started. His brother Prakash Mishra is set to become CBI Director as coal scams are prominent now. (3) Complaint against Sri B K Patnaik, Irrigation Secretary about Bungling in Indravati Project. 36 cases were registered by CBI. Sri B K Patnaik became Secretary to CM, Chief Secretary and now post retirement job.Many projects out of 54 projects reported by CM were done many times later on and again there was fund allotment & inauguration for some of them. I requested a review by Chief Secretary attaching original complaint of Govt to CBI. Letter is gien below and original complaint attached. From-Arun Kumar Upadhyay, IPS (Waiting for Pension) B-9, CB-9, Cantonment Road, Cuttack. Dated 10-7-2013(M) 9437034172, arunupadhyay30@yahoo.inTo Sri Upendra Nath Behera, IAS, Addl Chief Secretary, in-charge of Home & finance Deptts, Govt. of Orissa, Bhubaneswar.Sub-Request to review wastage of public money in Indravati Project as observed by CM.Ref-(1) D.O No. 16203 (WR)dated 24-4-2000 from Chief Secretary (Odisha) to DOP/CBI.(2) Report of Assurance Committee on 10-12-2003 to Parliament with ref to Unstarred Question No.4513 dated 18-12-2002 by Shri Bhartruhari Mahtab, MP to PM.Sir, I was happy to see your elevation to ACS rank. With unusual qualities you have been in-charge of 3 or more posts since last 13 years. With knowledge of engineering, you are most capable of correcting defects and wastage of money in irrigation projects. I pray to Sri Jagannatha on this Ratha-yatra day for your success.On 6-7-2013, in a high level meeting presided over by Chief Minister Sri Naveen Patnaik, State Government decided to spend Rs. 266crore for strengthening of the 84 km long right canal of the Upper Indravati dam project. Lining of the both sides of the canal will be completed by stone packing, cement concrete and other methods. Besides, arrangement of cross drainage would also be made for the outflow of rain water. The work on the project to begin from December this year would be completed within four years.Thus,the project planned in 1930 is expected completion in 2018. It exceeds the ancient project of King Bhagirath to bring Ganga from Himalayas in 3generations. The time-line is as follows-
    (1) 1930-Sri P.K Deo, Maharaja of Kalahandi plans Indravati dam & power project.
    (2) Govt of Orissa survey in 1959-60.
    (3) 1969-Plan presented to Krishna-Godavari Commission.
    (4) 1978-Approval of Planning Commission. Foundation stone by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Moraji Desai on 9th April 1978 at Mukhiguda in the district of Kalahandi. Rs 208.14 crore project was to generate 600mw and irrigate about 1.9 lakh hectares of land
    (5) Administrative approval by the Govt. of Odisha vide Irrigation Department letter No.25884 dt. 23.07.1979 for 208.15 Crores.
    (6) 10-5-1983-World Bank loan for Project P009805 US$ 326.40 million.Closing Date -June 30, 1995
    (7) July 1991, Tunnel washed away killing 32 workers.
    (8) 1996-Odisha Hydro Power takes over. Rs.320 crores assistance from Power Finance Corporation (PFC) and raise funds from all possible internal sources to complete this project.
    (9) The Project was dedicated to the people on 08.12.2001 by the Hon’ble Union Power Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu.
    (10) 7-2-2009-Inauguration of Right canal by CM, Orissa at Chhilpa in Kalahandi.
    (11) In meeting on 20-12-2010 under Chief Minister, it was hoped by Sri J.K Mohapatra, then CS that irrigation water from Upper Indravati Project would be available in 2012 under Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP).
    (12) 6-7-2013-Alloment of Rs. 266 crores.
    (13) 2018-Expected completion.However,canal projects are still lingering and many works have been done repeatedly with up to 3.5 times estimated cost. Letter from Chief Secretary dated 24-4-2000 cites 55 items of corruption and wastage of money. In the list attached,items 40, 41, 45 are for Indravati project only. Assurance committee of Parliament has stated that CBI had registered 7 cases on 55 items reported by Odisha govt and 24 other cases also. 27 cases were nearing completion in 2003.But, till today, no action is visible and most accused have been promoted and given post retirement jobs. The work for which Rs. 266 crores have been allotted on 6 July, has already been shown completed in survey on 2007 in Tender document (1/2007-08) of Executive Engineer, Right Canal Division NO.III, Junagarh. Its page 47 indicates – The scheme is being funded by AIBP, GOI. Components of Right Extention Main Canal
    01. Extension Main canal 22.25 km Lined
    02.Kusumkhunti Branch Canal 22.05 km Lined
    03.Distributaries 39.00 km Unlined
    04. Minor andSub Minor 175 km Lined. It is possible that the same work might be completed several times in list given to CBI in 2000 and later on. Kindly check the losses/thefts in the project and take steps to recover them under provisions of Orissa Special Courts Act, 2006. I may be given a token reward of 10% of recovered loss.Attachments-
    (1) DO letter of CS dated 24-4-2000
    (2) AssuranceCommittee report to Parliament on 10-12-2003
    Copy to Chief Secretary, Odisha/ Secretary to CM, Odisha/ Union Secretary, DOPT for favour of information
    (A.K. Upadhyay)
    Arun Kumar Upadhyay, IPS (Retd) C/47, (near airport), Palaspalli, Bhubaneswar-751020 0674-2591172, 9437034172/9583492387

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