Orissa Assembly Embarrassed by Minister’s Monkey Business

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

On commencement of the winter session today, Orissa Assembly was resigned to ruckus over severe protests of the Opposition members against being cold-shouldered by the speaker in their demand for discussion on chit fund scandal that has affected reportedly no less than a crore of depositors.

After obituary mentions, the only business, which could be transacted in the benumbed day of repeated adjournments that failed to function even for half an hour, was just a presentation of the supplementary budget worth Rs.4502.34 crores for the current fiscal.

But, before that, the the day had to bring in embarrassment for the Assembly, as a minister’s monkey business made a female member cry for protection of her dignity in the floor of the house. The victim is the lone female member of BJP, Ms.Radharani Panda. She alleges that agriculture minister Pradeep Maharathy hurled vulgar words at her, when she was raising slogans against the government over the chit fund felony.

On her allegation, the Speaker has held an all-party meeting and his ruling is set to come tomorrow.

But the BJP suspects that the minister has deliberately committed the mischief for diverting the attention of the house from the chit fund scam to issue of dignity of female member.

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