Accidents in Orissa So Fatal, Yet Police Allows Numberless Vehicles to Rule over the Roads

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Everyday Orissa is shuddering in fatal road accidents.

Road Accidents in Orissa are in the rise

Yet, the Police is allowing numberless vehicles to rule over the roads.

Pictures would say.numberless 1numberless 3numberless 5numberless 6numberless 7numberless 10




numberless 2Vehicle with ineligible number plate

vehicle with broken number plate

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  1. Checking of seat belts is more needed on national highways. Highway police should also control speed limit for selected zones. For this several Doplar Radars are purchased every year. Breath analyzers also are regularly purchased to check drunken driving. There are many practical difficulties in that which DGP and govt need to rectify-(1) Many purchases are multiple purchases of same equipment each year and govt is not bothered whether they can be used or are in use. (2) There is no separate traffic police for highways as in Gujrat. (3) Commissionerate police has traffic wing for whole district, but they chose easy way to check helmet and seat belt in town junctions only. Traffic is forced to be slow in town. Specially on crossings, one has to stop for 2 minutes for signal. There is little danger of accident here, but checkings are done at crossings which further blocks traffic. It is convenienty closer to homes of officers and some may make money in that.

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