Passed away 2014, so also Dhanurdhara Raut

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

DhaanubabuAdvocate Dhanurdhara Raut, a strong believer in God, was 92. Born in the soil of Banki, he had adopted Athgarh for his  residential purpose.

Though law was his profession, his passion was cultivation. We both were founder directors of ‘Athgarh Land Development Bank’. And, I have seen how emotionally he was addressed to marginal farmers’ welfare.

He was like a guardian to me all these days.

Today was his Dasah (the tenth day after death).

While returning from Athgarh after paying him my last homage, the last Sun of the year was setting invisibly under the shroud that the low pressure created at SriLanka has hurled at us. 2014 passed away drenched in untimely rain, so also, Dhanurdhar Raut under tears shed by whosoever has come in contact with him.

But the campaign for recreation of our District out of Cuttack that we both had started has yet to take the necessary momentum.

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