Thanks Friends for the heartening support in 2014

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

For us it is a matter of utmost happiness that in 125 countries, brilliant brains have perused what we have posted in these pages. Besides whole of India, USA and UK have given us maximum inspiring support as our esteemed visitors in these countries have not only increased in number, but also serious ones of them have on records preferred to follow ORISSA MATTERS. This is our happiness, but not satisfaction. We are conscious of how much more should we have done in addition to what we have. We promise, in 2015, our endeavor will be to further expand our role as an active sentinel of the peoples we love.

On this occasion, we express our gratitude to our esteemed followers, supporters and critics who have just not studied the topics we have discussed, but also have tried to enrich them with their speaking comments. Amongst our commentators, in 2014, the most active contributor is eminent scientist and inventor Dr. Asok Kumar Mishra. We thank him, and in thanking him, we thank all our commentators symbolically. Out of the 1000 recent comments, amongst the top twenty, the ones from Sri Arun Kumar Upadhyay, a retired Officer of Indian Police Service, whose preferred political economy is different from ours, makes us proudly mention that amongst our esteemed visitors, there are friends like him, whose scholarly pursuits stay ever active and never diminish even in deterrent conditions. We treat him as a symbol of alert minds in whom we have found our appreciators and critics in the world.

Our postings have been shared by 2901 viewers and bloggers to our happiness. We write, because peoples have the right to be informed. And, therefore, nothing is more heartening than the ever increasing sharing of our postings.

Thank you friends for the heartening support in 2014.

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