Eagerness to adjourn the House after obituary mention should stop

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa Assembly yet again stopped from transacting its normal business by declaration of adjournment for the day after obituary mentions.

This may be justified in the style of tradition; but it is a loss of a day on start of the session.

The day began on Friday with Governor’s customary address to the House as the budget session was to commence. Leader of Opposition Narasingh Mishra lost no time in accusing the Governor of being a party to the misrepresentation of facts that the misruling ministry wants to mislead the people with. When administration runs in the name of the Governor and ministry runs under his pleasure, it is not becoming of him to read out false reports on good governance without verifying the real picture of maladministration. The Governor has been notified by the Congress in due course of specific instances of misrule. This should have awoke the Governor to the reality and had it been so, his speech should have focus on how to bring remedy to the wrongs done to the people of the State. Sri Mishra’s protests not heeded to, the Congress boycotted the Governor and left the House. The second big group BJP had also deemed it proper to boycott the house on the premise of falsehood resorted to in the Governor’s speech.

After being such addressed by the Governor, agenda of obituary mentions were taken up where all the parties took part. Then the House was adjourned for the day.

Is obituary mention not enough? Was there any binding necessity to adjourn all other businesses of the day in honor of late lamented ones?

The practice should stop.

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