Police must take stock of how the Police Station at Niali is functioning

As public protest against murder of RTI activist Krupasindhu Sahu is scheduled to be held at Niali on Feb.10, worried government has referred the matter of his murder to the Crime Branch of State Police for investigation.

In response to Saturday demand for government action in the matter, on behalf of the Chief Minister, Parliamentary Affairs Minister B. K. Arukh told Orissa Assembly on Monday that three persons accused of the murder have already been arrested when Karttik Pani, allegedly the main accused, is yet to enter the police dragnet. But he can’t escape, he assured.

Sahu’s body was found buried in the riverbed near the village of Bainchua of Niali P.S. on information obtained from Karttik’s mother Sushila Pani. Along with her, Police has arrested Pratap Jena and Manju Sahu.

Karttik is a habitual offender, currently under police scanning in five more felonious offences. He has already spent life in jail in a murder case.

Police may arrest him soon. But, more important it is to ascertain on whose behalf the RTI activist has been exterminated.

A journalist Bhavani Parija has allegedly got intimidating threats for his RTI activism. The same Niali Police has tortured him inside the Police Station forcing him to stand whole night in the Hazat on Feb.6 and then declared arrested on Feb.7 at 10.30 AM.

This is a serious syndrome. Police must take stock of how the Police Station at Niali is functioning.

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