Nothing could be more Incongruous than Biju Janata Dal’s Blood Plan

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has announced today that his party – Biju Janata Dal – would conduct blood collection camps all over the State with effect from March 5.

Nothing could be more incongruous than this, when his government has been spreading AIDS by keeping the blood banks bereft of necessary facilities to supply safe blood to patients.

If the BJD blood plan is not meretricious and nasty political ploy, it would be better for its members to educate their chief minister Naveen Patnaik to act honestly and to immediately implement the NAT decision for safe screening of blood, without waiting for bribe.

The following links may be studied by them to reach the crux and to educate their party chief -cum-chief minister on necessity of proper screening of blood, to stop spread of AIDS in absence of appropriate technology.

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  1. Most shameful trait of our country is that it is only country where most food & medicines are adulterated. Most state Govts admitted in affidavit before Supreme court that 70% of milk in India is adulterated. Along with that, India has become biggest exporter of beef. Again with coming Holi, massive seizures of fake milk products is going on, but in last 15 years, I have not seen any case really registered against any food adulteration. Even simple vegetables are infected with pesticides & hormones. When, I commented in Cuttack daily market that Plantain & gourd appear to be only safe foods, I was called a fool by vendor. These also are heavily infected with hormones, carbides etc. Similarly, 70% medicines are fake. Even diagnosis is a commission business for prescribing unnecessary medicines. Whole nation is in vicious trap. An honest doctor can prescribe correct medicine, but patient will get fake ones from market & doctor will be confused. This is the major difficulty why Govt is unable to control Swain flu epidemic all over the country. All rate contract medicines are priced below total price of components and have to be spurious. These are used by all Govt hospitals. In Balangir Govt hospital itself 15 persons died in 1993 and again 4 persons died in 2003. Both times, Orissa High Court ordered enquiry, but till today no case has been registered. Even Orissa health minister sri Nakula Naik died due to neglect in SCB Medical College, Cuttack which was most likely due to fake medicines prescribed (rate contract) & supplied by Govt. No action is taken so far.

  2. Why worry; Sir,

    Rejoyce !
    One more program is on the way then, ” FREE BIJU PATNAIK AIDS CAMP “.

    Jai Hoo..oooo !!!

    • You are right Dr. Misra. Political collection of blood without proper screening will push lakhs of people into AIDS. Had Naveen Patnaik any real concern for the people. Orissa High Court’s order for blood screening through NAT PCR could not have been thrown into labyrinth of bureaucratic bungling and ministerial nonchalance for more than four years.

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