A Poem from Dr. Sudhansu Dash

Dr. Sudhansu Dash


Dr. Sudhansu Dash, a higher education teacher in English, belongs to my place Athgarh, with his ancestral home in Tarading. The Athgarh Sub-Division has given tremendous contributions to the world of letters. I find a fine incarnation of the literary excellence of my area in him. Hence, I feel it a pleasure to share one of his poems with my esteem readers. It is captioned ‘Moving with the Crowd’




Dr Sudhansu Dash

I am walking with the crowd with my mind
It is always with me
Many moving with me
On the Solid and concrete highway
I think
The crowd is going somewhere
It gives me a feeling of security with the calculated map
In fact
It is moving but not moving anywhere
No crowd has ever reached any goal
Excepting a secured falsity
I am disillusioned of it.
It goes on moving and moving before I was born
It will move after my death
The moment I start falling towards the heart
I fall to the abyss of my being
Go astray
With my heart I am alone
All that is dangerous comes out of it
Fear grasps me, possesses me
‘Where are you going
Carrying the most dangerous thing in the world?’
Nobody is with me
But me and my total loneliness.
I am at the centre of my being
Unmapped , unmeasured and fearless
From every dimension
The center without any circumference.

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