Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Is Orissa’s Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik acting for the criminals? The question pains me. But crimes against Orissa are too painful to feel the pain in raising this question.

Let me come to the subject.

The most revered humanitarian and founder leaders of Orissa, whose penances at Satyabadi had built up Orissa’s first section of learned, competent citizens to meet the requirements of modern Orissa at her most critical juncture of resurrection, were subjected to brutal conspiracies and their brainchild – the Samaja – was hijacked by criminals, who forged Utkalmani Gopabandhu’s Will to legalize their offense.

It was found that two former ministers of Orissa – Lingaraj Mishra and Radhanath Rath – were involved with hijacking of the Samaja by forging the Will of its co-founder Gopabandhu Das.

The newspaper, with emotional support of the people for being the newspaper of the Satyabai Panchasakha has been earning thousands of crores of rupees. But its entire revenue is being looted by the Servants of the People Society (SoPS), a body of miscreants that have killed the principal object of the organization, but have been using the forged Will of Gopabandhu in continuous crime.

When Save the Samaja Forum (SSF)  moved the RNI to drop SoPS from the ownership register of Samaja, and an inquiry was assigned to ADM of Cuttack by the RNI, the offenders filed the forged copy of the Will as genuine and yet, in its forwarding written submission confessed that only the Satyabadi Press, not the Samaja was made over to SoPS by Gopabandhu in his Will.

So, it is admittedly the fact that, the SoPS has occupied the Samaja without any legality or authority and has been looting its revenue to the tune of thousands of crores of rupees, which should have been made available to develop the Panchasakha’s Bana Bidyalaya to the stature of Jatiya Bana Bidyalaya University. Instead of developing the Bana Bidyalaya, the criminals operating under the cover of SoPS have given it starvation death, by misappropriating all the revenue generated by the Press and the Paper.

As ORISSA MATTERS continued to expose the felony, the CMO partnered with the exposed offenders and silenced the police when the Director General of Police was contemplating action against them.

We had to run from pillars to posts to retrieve Gopabandhu’s original Will in hope against hope that once the original Will would be in his hand, the Chief Minister shall not hesitate to initiate action against the offenders. We got the original Will and notified him of the same. He kept mum.

Besides ORISSA MATTERS, a specific site addressed to the subject – – was created, which carried all the reports published in the former site, with repetition thereof in social media Face Book in a specific page styled “savethesamaja”, where appreciations are rising every day.

For the convenience of non-netizens, SSF has published a compilation of those well documented postings in a book under the title “The Samaja in Maze of Forgery” available in well known book shops including A.K.Mishra.

Orissa’s greater interest is so calling and the necessity to retrieve the Samaja from the criminals that have occupied it by using a forged Will of Gopabandhu is so urgent and recovery of the multi-thousand crores of rupees they have looted from Orissa’s iconic paper by using the forged Will of Gopabandhu is so very necessary for resurrection of the Bana Bidyalaya to its desirable status of a “Jatiya Bana Bidyalaya University, that, SSF wanted an appointment with the Chief Minister to apprise him of the facts on presenting him a copy of the compilation – The Samaja in Maze of Forgery – so that the Government understands its responsibility to the people of Orissa in this specific matter. But surprisingly the Chief Minister has not yet shown the minimum courtesy of answering to our request, as if by being apprised of the crime committed against the people of Orissa, he shall commit a crime!

The Chief Minister is supposed to be the strongest sentinel of Orissa. But, his conduct shows, he is hand-in-glove with the criminals.

It pains to come to this observation.

Therefore, I put this question to all the fellows that have kept the habitual nonchalant Naveen Patnaik clamped on Orissa like filarial worms continue to keep human body loaded with the unwanted elephantine growth: Is Orissa Chief Minister acting for the criminals?

If not, I request all the BJD members to prevail upon their leader to heed to our request dated May 04, 2015, to give us time to be apprised of the issue, or if he still shies, to procure from the market the book “The Samaja in Maze of Forgery” wherein documentary evidences of forgery and loot are given, to read it deeply, to locate the felonies, to act against the criminals that have swindled multi-thousand crores of rupees from the Samaja revenue by using the forged Will of Gopabandhu, to take over the Samaja with immediate effect in view of the admitted and proven fact that Gopabandhu had never made over the Samaja to the Servants of the People Society, to recover the swindled money from that society sans any compromise and to resurrect the Bana Bidyalaya in the Bakula Bana complex where the Panchasakha had established it and had brought to it national fame more than that of Shanti Niketan till Nobel prize made Rabindranath a world celebrity. Let them discipline their leader, so that there shall be no room for us to question: Is Orissa’s Chief Minister acting for the criminals?

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