Denial of Naba Jauvana Darshan means Annihilation of SriJagannatha

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Naba Jauvana Darshan is the central pivot on which the cult of Sri Jagannath stands. Since his evolution from the Buddhist matriarch concept, Vedic chauvinists have been trying to destroy him. The foolish Government’s willingness to do away with Naba Jauvana Darshana this year, when the whole world is awaiting the Navakalevara ceremony, the philosophy on which SriJagannatha stands would be severely affected.

The way Sri Jagannath is being misappropriated by reactionaries in India and the way powerful electronic media is supporting this misappropriation by intoxicating people with all sorts of superstitious propaganda in an environment that has been vitiated so much with self-centrism, that, the common people, who have neither the orientation nor the time to think beyond personal hearth and entertainment, may fail to grasp the conspiracy cooked up by caste-supremacists to wipe out the unique distinction of SriMandira of being the only place of applied Buddhism.

Denial of Naba Jauvana Darshana to the people is the latest and the severest onslaught perpetrated by the caste-supremacist mafia on cult of Jagannatha. The phenomenon has been discussed in many postings in ORISSA MATTERS.

One such posting is linked to this post to help understand the nasty design.

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