Eastern Media’s Kanak TV projects Gigolo, generates hatred for women

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Male residents of Bhubaneswar, who are wealthy and elite, would hereafter look their wives at askance, as Kanak TV of Eastern Media Ltd has made it clear to its audience that rich women starved of orgasm are engaging gigolos in absence of their husbands in thirst for sex.

Gigolo is a satyr of younger age whom older woman hire for robust intercourse. The young man interviewed by Kanak Tv on August 1 disclosed that middle-aged wives of rich and wealthy men, top ranking officers, politicians are his usual clients who pay him Rs.4000/- to Rs. 8000/- per service and he usually gets 15 to 20 such engagements per month. He reveals that, through internet and code signals the ladies hankering for sex hire him. In his initial state, he was using a green colored band to signal his availability as a gigolo in Bhubaneswar’s elite points and as ladies in search of a gigolo were waiting in their cars in the elite points, one of them was approaching him and on settlement of the price, was picking him up. Now, he being a known face in the “trade”, the green band is not necessary. His telephone number is available with his clients and engagement is being finalized through the phone, he told the interviewer. His name is Rahul, as one understands from the Tv talk.

I am not going any further to the obnoxious details of the interview that has generated a lot of hatred for women of elite class having the capacity to pay so sumptuously for being bedded by younger men behind back of their husbands.

But if this phenomenon is a reality of Bhubaneswar, what service Kanak Tv has given to the public by telecasting this interview and by repeatedly telecasting it, is a matter that calls for serious cogitation.

Is it a deliberate attempt of the rich to denigrate the women in public eyes?

If not,  Kanak TV and Rahul should disclose the names of these women, as otherwise, every elite, educated woman of Bhubaneswar  may be looked at with suspicion, with grapevines saying, who knows whether or not she belongs to the world of gigolos!

If they do not disclose, Police must initiate penal action against Kanak Tv for playing mischief with the dignity of Bhubaneswar.

If Kanak Tv cooperates, the gigolos starting from Rahul and the ladies he names must be prosecuted against as illegally operating male prostitutes and their clients.

The Kanak Tv interviewer and the owner/operator thereof must also be forced to divulge how the interviewed gigolo was first located, contacted and brought to the studio.

For societal peace and tranquility this nuisance needs be dealt with as sternly as possible.

Watch below the video and come to your own conclusion.

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