Poet Aroop in his own voice

Sri Umakant Raut (Aroop) is a known poet of Orissa whose poems are addressed to awareness on problems of the people.

This poem, captioned Sarinahin Yuddha, Sarinahin (War has not ended, not ended) is sung by the poet.

In this poem he has come down heavily on the politicians and bureaucrats, who have derailed democracy and made majority of population dependent on mercy of the rulers.

What sort of rule they have given, when for existence in power, sycophants are pampered, vote-shepherds are cultivated, exchequer exhausted on them and on self-projection-propaganda? he has asked.

He has cried for victims of maladministration – teachers, contract workers et al – who very often gather on the Gandhi Marg with the hope that the government would pay attention to their grievances, but in response get tortured by the police. As long as the maladies are not removed, he shall continue to write such poems, he has declared.

Hear him in his voice:

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