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Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

ama bhasa ama rajabhasaDear friends, a team of Oriya Bhasa Sangram Samiti comprising Dr. Subrat Kumar Prusty , Sri Pabitra Maharatha and me met the Joint Secretary of General Administration Sri G. Patra and DGM of OCAC Sri S. K. Tripathy in the Secretariat chamber of Sri Patra yesterday to ascertain if the website for public participation in governance of Orissa in Oriya is ready.

When Sri Patra is the desk officer in matter of our movement for governance of Orissa in Oriya, Sri Tripathy is building up the website meant to serve the mission of governance of Orissa in Oriya.

To our satisfaction, we found that OCAC has built up the prototype of the site styled ODISHA BHASA ADHINIYAMA.

The site is in Oriya and this being as per our demand; both the officers helped us inspecting it. We are convinced that the government is not backing out from the promise it has made to us for governance of Orissa in Oriya.
We are going to have our next informal meeting with the Ministerial committee chairman Sri Debi Prasad Mishra to finalize the contents of site and the agenda for the formal meeting. The Chief Minister may formally launch the website on the occasion of the said meeting, which, we propose to be an extended meeting participated by as many language activists as possible. Probably the date would be Nov. 7. In this site, shall be posted the Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 along with the draft of the necessary amendment we have advanced along with the Rules. The Language Policy formulated by Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak shall also be posted in this site vis-à-vis all the government circulars for public information and views. The general public shall directly post their views on the proposed Policy and Rules.

I deem it proper to inform that unless the amendment of the Act as we have suggested and the Rules we have submitted are legally adopted, with vetting as our legislative wisdom would deem proper, governance of Orissa in Oriya may not be possible. So, friends, when the site would be launched, freely put your unbiased considered views in invoking the proper provision.

Dear friends, I am hopeful that our mission shall succeed. And for this success, all of you friends who have sacrificed so much for our mother tongue at the call of our Bhasa Sangrama Samiti will be the happiest persons, I know.
While reporting this, I would like to place here a few samples of saws and slogans my dearest friends in Bhasa Sangrama Samiti have posted in various stages of our movement, the contributions of which are immense in the cause of our mother tongue so far.

While saying thus, I would like to warn the Government that these creations of our language bards be studied by them with utmost importance; because, if the Government – dominated by people with anglicized mentality – succumbs to unseen pressure and backs out, these compositions should show them to what explosive limit our language activists shall go to establish the dignity and paramountcy of our mother tongue in our motherland.

Orissa’s opportunistic writers who benefit from the purses of Oriya readers; but never bother about governance of Orissa in Oriya as well as Orissa government should take note of this.
Now to the saws and slogans:

UKR - (Jaagare Odiaa Jaaga )aa

bhasa pai'n 47 Surendra Mohanty on Official LanguageOdia bhasara sankata ghadiBhasa pai'n 1bhasa pai'n 2bhasa pai'n 3bhasa pai'n 4bhasa pai'n 9bhasa pai'n 19bhasa pai'n 20bhasa pai'n 22Jaga re Jagabhasa pai'n 26bhasa pai'n 27bhasa pai'n 44bhasa pai'n 49bhasa pai'n 54bhasa pai'n 56bhasa pai'n 57bhasa pai'n 59bhasa pai'n 60bhasa pai'n 61bhasa pai'n 62Aroopa Garjanabhasa pai'n 63bhasa pai'n 64bhasa pai'n 65bhasa pai'n 66bhasa pai'n 67bhasa pai'n 68bhasa pai'n 75bhasa pai'n 76peomJaaga Odiabhasa pai'n 77bhasa pai'n 79bhasa pai'n 83bhasa pai'n 101bhasa pai'n 102bhasa pai'n 103Bhasa pai'n AikyaBhul KaharaOdia bhasara sankata ghadiOdia Sahitya DalaRajabhasa OdiaSabu Karidebu ChunaUthare Puta Uthabhasa pai'n 48Uthare Supta Jati (by Aroop)Chaliba Balama Mada

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  1. Nice to know. At the same I feel the website should have a facility to be translated into Oriya and maybe Hindi by selection so that will also help the Government to reach the laks of Oriyas who have no chance to learn English.
    Take this view, for better governance.

    • A very positive information that specially inspired me a lot .Truely speaking , any such development is the result of continuous chasing of Subhas Sir in various ways and at various stages .Let us hope the best . All the Odia people should share their views to make the mission error-less .
      As I feel ; the presence of rare ,pure and good soul like Subhas sir has been pre-destined to admire & encourage ordinary people like me to proceed for a noble cause .This may seem very small but really very very Great !
      To have a noble intention to recognise even a squirrel`s effort and translate it into action , in my view , is not a little thing . Great attitude gives rise to Great ideas .
      No hesitation to say and truly speaking , when rest of the leadership has failed to do this , it is the love ,dedication,nobleness and impartial attitude of most revered Sri Subhas Chandra Pattanayak that has kept us tied to the chain of OVS till date and may continue till the time he is there . So , I bow my head before him and and express my gratitude for his love , admiration ,inspiration and affection bestowed on me .

  2. Let us remember all, No Oriya bhasha means no Orissa. No work without Oriya bhasha in any office or subordinate court in Orissa. Govt must introduce LLB in Oriya language for smooth functioning of lower courts in Oriya. An Oriya must get letter/orders./ judgement is Oriya because the Govt in Orissa is for the Oriyas, Of the Oriyas and by the Oriyas. Unite together my dear Oriya brothers and sisters and raise your voice for use of state official language everywhere always. Let me thank all including Subhas ch Pattanayak sir for their continuous efforts.

  3. MKG, father of the Nation, got us freedom from the shackles of the British in a span of less than 50yrs.
    Our people in Orissa are fighting for around 6-decades to have our mother tongue used in our governance and yet we are not anywhere close to achieving the Goal

    Government of Orissa! You have been ruining our motherland and our language.
    …………… SHAME !!!!!!!!!!!!

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