President of India ought to appreciate that Bharat Ratna is not meant for offenders like Biju Patnaik

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

If the President of India rises above being Pranab Mukherjee – the man who collaborated with Manmohan Singh to subjugate India to American hegemony – and acts as expected of India’s President, I am sure, he will reject the demand for Bharat Ratna to Biju Patnaik.

President of India, being the Supreme Commander of Indian military, is entitled to peruse the privy records of why India had to accept defeat in Chinese aggression and all reports of enquiry related thereto. Before granting the demand for Bharat Ratna to Biju Patnaik, if he does it, a new and grave offense against the country designed to be perpetrated with Bharat Ratna to Biju may not materialize. Will he do?

We find from ‘Himalayan Blunder’ of Brig. John Delvi that India lost more than 11000 square kilometers of her land to China in the 1962 war, because of lack of basic essentials like warm clothing, snow boots, and glasses.

From Lok Sabha Debates (V) (1967) [7980-7990], we find that we had to suffer this loss, because of the treachery of Biju Patnaik.

By misusing rapports with Jawaharlal Nehru, he had obtained a contract for his Kalinga Airlines (Airways) to airdrop basic essentials as enumerated by Brig. Delvi in the NEFA front for our soldiers.

But, instead of delivering the same to our soldiers, he had sold away all the the items in black-markets.

And, because of this treason of Biju Patnaik, our soldiers had lost their stamina to fight and we were in the worst of debacles after our independence.

We lost, over and above heavy loss of precious lives, around 12 thousand square kilometers of our land.

The President can get the military records on this treason for his perusal. He can go through the Katju Commission Report and all other reports and related files, which the country has been denied to go through, simply because, any action against Biju Patnaik could have also exposed Nehru’s favoritism and misrule.

By corrupting the government(s) in the center, Biju could avoid punishment. But that never means that he is acquitted of the offense of treason against the country.

To bestow upon him the highest civilian award Bharat Ratna would be the worst of offense against India.

I have discussed in my columns – Simhavalokana and Animadversion – elaborately on many occasions the offenses of Biju against the people and how people of Orissa, after electing him once as a matter of Hobson’s Choice. were rejecting him at least twice consecutively, to avenge his corrupt practices, compradorship, and misrule.

It is known to everybody that when he died, he was not in power, because, harassed by his misrule, people of Orissa had rejected his prayer for mandate.

To decorate the same Biju Patnaik with Bharat Ratna would be an insult to the collective wisdom of the people of Orissa, besides being official approval of the offense of treason he had committed against India in Chinese Aggression.

While challenging the President of India to deeply peruse the relevant records of our defeat in Chinese aggression, including corresponding debates of the Parliament, I am, for ready reference of the President, giving here the link to one of my write-ups in ORISSA MATTERS.

Let him peruse and decide, if it would be proper for awarding Biju Patnaik posthumously with Bharat Ratna.

This write-up should be treated as addressed also to the Prime Minister in national interest. The central government should refuse to entertain the request of the members of BJD owned by the son of the same Biju Patnaik, Which they have falsely described as Orissa Assembly’s resolution favoring Bharat Ratna to Biju, on the very ground, as discussed above, of his treason against the country in Chinese aggression as well as on the ground that a ruling party’s resolution in absence of Opposition cannot be the resolution of the “Assembly”.

The scheme of Bharat Ratna must no more be allowed to become a farce.

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