Oriya University is the necessity, not an Open University

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
ama bhasa ama rajabhasaLanguage activists of Orissa under the banner of Oriya Bhasa Sangram Samiti have been demanding for a University entirely dedicated to creation Oriya manpower to manage all offices and workplaces and centers of public concerns in and relating to governance of Orissa in Oriya language and to make Oriya Language the language of earning, besides superintending education in Oriya Language in every stage.

Government had agreed. But shockingly, the Chief Minister has tried to divert attention from the Oriya University to an Oriya Open University. The Oriya Bhasa Sangram Samiti is opposed to this drift.

Invitation LetterIn spite of this, the government has proceeded to have a workshop on creation of the Oriya Open University and invited the representatives of the Samiti in the ministerial Committee to participate in the workshop. It would be held at 10 AM on 29th this month.

This is such a serious matter that needs collective wisdom and collective application of minds of the people whose mother tongue is Oriya and who would like not to be hoodwinked by administration.

Oriya University is the necessity, not an Open University. This is what the Government ought to understand.

Under the circumstances, the Samiti urges upon the people of Orissa to deeply cogitate on the issue and to advise the Samiti members as to what should be the crux of their views in the workshop.

The advice should as quickly as possible, be sent to: orissamatters@gmail.com

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