Bhubaneswar Stands with Kanhaiya Kumar, Condemns False Charges of Sedition

Bhubaneswar Bureau

A roaring rally of students and progressive members of civil society expressed solidarity with Kanhaiya Kumar, the celebrated President of the JNU Students Union, while demanding immediate withdrawal of the false case of sedition instituted against him by the Modi government.

Kanhaiya Kumar has been deliberately implicated in sedition case and is thrown into judicial custody, when a pack of black-attired hoodlums known as BJP musclemen amongst Delhi lawyers had the police cooperation to brutally assault him in the court premises when he was already under judicial custody after being falsely implicated in sedition case by the police and produced in the Court.

JNU being a famous place of free and progressive thinking, is anathema to BJP narrowness and therefore, the right viruses have been active since long to destroy this heritage. The present official assault on Kanhaiya Kumar – Delhi Police being under Union Home Minister – is perceived as a BJP conspiracy against him.

The entire country was pushed into an unprecedented quagmire as media hooligans in TV channels loyal to BJP continued to display a video record of Kanhaiya Kumar raising slogans against India while singing glory to Pakistan. On the basis of this video the Delhi Police arrested Kanhaiya, charging him for sedition. To the High Court of Delhi, the same police has said that there is no such video. Yet, it has not acted against the media hooligans who had telecasted that morphed video willfully and who, therefore, have indulged in sedition in reality.

In protest against this blatant assault on the student leader who is opposing communalization of JNU and against the severe threat to national integration of India from BJP, the students and progressive people of Bhubaneswar have raised their voice.

Their voice of conscience resounded as the rally, conducted by Amiya Pandav and led by leading lights of progressive thinking proceeded from Utkal University to Gandhi Marg, where the rally dispersed after being addressed by eminent activists. As electrifying rendition of a revolutionary song by noted activist Basudev Das gave the rally a tremendous orbit, Prafulla Santra, Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, Lingaraj, Sujata Sahni, Tusarkant Satpathy, R. Anupam, Radhakant Sethi, Atashi Mallick, Narendra Mohanty, Srikanta Mohanty, Ramesh Ali Besant and others came down heavily upon the Modian misrule, stressed upon the urgent need for obliteration of the colonial mischief of sedition and immediate withdrawal of the false case instituted against the student leaders of JNU including Kanhaiya Kumar. They declared solidarity with the students of JNU and other institutes that are fighting against conspiracies to destroy secular distinction of India’s education system.

Members of Jananatya Vikash Parisad and Progressive Youth and Students Forum were conspicuous by their active participation.

Here below are pictures of this historic rally.


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