Capitalism is Global, so Opposition thereto can’t have any National Limit: Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Bhubaneswar Bureau

AUDIENCEThe very same politicians who have subjected India to capitalism are trying to browbeat their opponents by hurling anti-national tags at them. But capitalism being global, opposition thereto cannot have any national limit, said ORISSA MATTERS chief Subhas Chandra Pattanayak in a mammoth gathering this forenoon at Bhubaneswar.

SCP WHILE LAUNCHING THE BOOK ALONG WITH AUTHOR JANARDAN PATIWhile releasing the second edition of CPI(M) Com. Janardan Pati’s book on Che Guevara, Pattanayak said that there is no nationality for a revolutionary. Che was born in Argentina, led the revolution in Cuba that quashed the class society not only there, but also inspired many countries of the world to challenge colonial oppression. He dared death at Bolivia, establishing that revolution against oppression never knows any boundary.

Capitalism has devastated India to such extent that when around 70% of national wealth has gone into the coffers of around only 2000 individuals, lack of food is causing 3000 deaths to children daily in India with 58% children going stunted before reaching the age of 2 years. Whosoever loves India opposes this menace. But to the capitalist government, opposition to such misrule appears anti-national, he alleged.
Com. Pati gave a short introduction to his book while underlining how relevant is Che to the present day India where people are perishing under capitalism. Com. Dushmant Das was in chair, and amongst others, Com.Jagannath Mishra, Com. Bikash Nath and Com. Puspa Panda lauded Com. Pati’s inspiring work in Oriya, fulfilling an outstanding want.

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