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Under plutocratic intoxication mainstream authors of Orissa, who dazzle with awards and decorations, have thrown the splendid Oriya language into such distance from the people that the language has lost its relevance to almost all city dwellers and rural elites.

These fellows, supposed to act leaders of Oriya language, are so busy in ingratiating themselves with the power that be for awards and further awards that, they have never tried to educate the people about the harm a chief minister like Naveen Patnaik has done to Orissa’s self-respect and public interest by his anglicized administration.

It is a shame that this chief minister has not only violated the Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 every day on every occasion, in all his actions as the chief minister, but also has rendered inconsequential his predecessor J. B. Patnaik’s mandatory instruction to administration to create and submit official files only in Oriya.

He has been following his father Biju Patnaik’s anti-Oriya attitude and has totally ruined the utility value of Oriya language.

The award-seeking authors of Orissa, who claim to be authors in Oriya language, are so spineless and opportunistic that, they have never demanded that, the assault on utility potentiality of Oriya language by the chief minister and his government be stopped.

The demand for governance of Orissa in Oriya language has been raised by persons that have neither aspired for nor have ever bagged any award for their writings in Oriya.

This movement spearheaded by Oriya Bhasa Sangram Samiti had gained such spontaneous support from all over the State and the Fast-on-to-Death strike by poet Gajanan Mishra, joint convener of this Samiti strengthened with sympathy hunger strikes everyday in Bhubaneswar was so very strong that, the government of the anti-Oriya Naveen Patnaik was forced to agree for governance of Orissa in Oriya and to equip all the schools from primary to secondary with necessary manpower and environment to enhance the pivotal role of Oriya language in management of Orissa.

To remove the legal lacunae in fulfilling the spirit of the Official Language Act, 1954, as representative of the Oriya Bhasa Sangram Samiti in the Ministerial Committee constituted for implementation of its demands, I had submitted two drafts for legislation: (1) for amendment of the said Act to provide for creation of necessary Rules to drive the Act ahead; and (2) the Rules.

The Government has placed both of the drafts in the official website specifically created for the purpose and the department of Law has also cleared the same.

But now two dangers to Oriya language are lurking menacingly. They are:

(1) The General Administration Department under direct control of the CM is not placing the aforesaid drafts, despite law department approval, before the State Cabinet for adoption and onward placement before the Legislative Assembly for legislation;


(2) Instead of equipping Orissa with Oriya Medium Schools as promised to the Bhasa Sangram Samiti, the government is all set to destroy every zeal of Oriya people to draft their children for proper education in their mother tongue, by establishing highly funded and elite English Medium Schools in every Block of the State where a design to appoint maximum numbers of non-Oriya teachers is being executed through outside agencies.

Minister Mr. Debi Prasad Mishra’s answers to the Leader of Opposition Mr. Narasingha Mishra and to members such as Bibhuti Bhusan Harichandan, Padmanav Behera, Ashwini Patra, Nabakishore Das, Subala Sahu, Balabhadra Majhi and Pradip Purohit etc on Thursday made shenanigans in this regard seen through to the chagrin of the entire Oriya population.

So, it is now clear that whatever little scope was there for revival of the pivotal role of Oriya in management of the State is going to be totally quashed by the government of Orissa run by anti-Oriya chief minister and his pack of spineless sycophants and the scheming pack of non-Oriya mandarins.

We in Oriya Bhasa Sangram Samiti will certainly sit soon to draw up our future course of action.

But, what the real beneficiaries of Oriya language, who are being looked at with awe, because of the decorations some of them have bagged in the name of Oriya language, and because some others of them are controlling Oriya media as owners and/or editors, are going to do in this matter?

Will any of them, come forward to call for stoppage of the new and pernicious threat to Oriya paramountcy in Orissa?

Will they demand that the proposed model schools be entirely Oriya-medium instead of being English-medium?
Let them react.

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  1. I pray all oriya poets/writers, who have received awards so far and who are aspiring for awards for Oriya books to comeforward and raise their voice for their own existence. Let me pray again to all oriyas to do the needful if they belong to orissa-created only on the basis of oriya language in 1936. No oriya language in the state means no orissa, no poets/writers. I pray all to think over the matter seriously..

  2. THE MOST NOTABLE ORIYAS OF LETTERS HAVE ACTED (as detailed in the article) i.e. those who matter in the Govt & the Administration of this State (That includes the Hon’ble CM too).

    I believe it’s time, ” Orissa’s UNLETTERED Men MUST ACT ” ………….. Should have been the CAPTION of this insightful article. Then only the ‘ RATHA ‘ will move from and to the ShreeMandir ……………….. for the BABUs including the CM have the prerogative to relax on the deck and watch the FUN from a safe distance and enjoy the fruit, nonetheless. And by the way the rest of ” Orissa’s Men of Letters ” stay home & watch the YATRA from the comforts of their home through the LED-TV. Therefore, …………………………………………………………………..

  3. Whole- heartedly support your logical stand . Where are the so called writers and others who were showing their so called consciousness over the silly matters of Awards and Return of awards etc. etc…? All nonsense . I know there crocodiles cry …except a few countable ones like you ,sir . Blue colored jackals are such coward Men of Letters ! Shame…shame…shame .
    How can they react when this Shrewd and vested interested Government has hanged the Bunch of Grapes of framing a BIDHAN SABHAA for these Letter-jackals ( desperately set on their plan to be recommended/nominated on the mis-strengh of their arranged Awards ) ? Rather they may support and shout with all their strength ,if you make a demand to accelerate the process of FRAMING BIDHAAN SABHAA in sted of FRAMING OF YOUR RULES for implementation of Odia language . This is the reality and irony of fate ,sir .
    Still I hope in the affirmative for the reason …. A single Lions roar is more than sufficient than hundreds of thousands of jackals` barking .
    This I write from my bitter experience around the time of Movement (Gajanan`s Fast) . I have been tortured like anything ….. for the sole reason to join /accelerate the movement !

  4. If poet and writers can return their awards for so call intolerance then why can not they return the awards for a great cause like implementing Orissa Official Language Act-1954,implementing a Odia language University(deemed),Central institute of classical Odia ect. Time has come to sacrifice our own interest for the sake of Odisha & Odia language.It is a blatant truth that without sacrificing own interest nothing can be achieved for the mass.

  5. Sir,opening of a Odia language University(deemed) and Central Institute of Classical Odia is very important & immediate. Odia language is going through different crisis.People of different dialect in Odisha are demanding for separate language status.They are creating their own grammar within fortnight.Different political leaders of different political party including Pattnaik family(Naveen Pattnaik),V.K.Pandian(PS of CM) ect are playing heinous and divisive politics in this regard.More research,development and amalgamation of Odia language is required.Odisha political leaders,bureaucrats are very chef and corrupt.For the sake of money they can do anything. Therefore pls take some immediate steps.

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