Political Economy of Religion and Liquor: A few points to ponder

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa is witnessing sporadic agitations against liquor trade, notably by women in rural sector. In Soro of Balasore, most recently, a liquor trader has even injured three women in counter attack on them as his allegedly illegal bar was ransacked by them.

When followers of Gandhiji in the State, who have been campaigning for prohibition, are not opposing the use of violence by certain social activists, particularly women, in attacking hooch dealers, the State Government is issuing licenses in increasing numbers to liquor traders even when their shops are in close proximity to Schools.

Now a new group of social activists who are not noticed in Gandhian camps have also taken up prohibition as their mission.

Against this backdrop, the article in Oriya language posted below offers some points to ponder.

Click on it friends for a perusal and necessary application of mind.
Mada birodhi Andolan-Eka Tattvika Bislashana O Eka Prastaba

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