The greatest harm done to India by Modi: RBI forced to commit the crime of Breach of Trust

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

rbi-guarantee“I PROMISE TO PAY THE BEARER THE SUM OF ONE THOUSAND RUPEES”, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India has inscribed on the notes of Rs.1000/- denomination. It is identical with and similar to the notes of other denominations too. We the people of India had put our trust on this inscribed promise and accepted a piece of valueless paper as money of the promised value.

Every citizen of India was the second part of this bond by trusting this promise by the RBI Governor.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi having misused his position, sans sanction of the nation or even the union cabinet, has forced the said RBI Governor to obliterate this promise unilaterally and surprisingly with no due notice to the bearers of these notes and without obtaining their willingness for demonetization.

This is nothing but a brutal crime of Breach of Trust.

Modi’s hidden agenda behind demonetization is already discussed by me on several occasions and in different forums. One is inserted here for sample.
To divert public attention from his suspected nexus with black-money of Indians in foreign banks, he has contrived the demonetization mischief, to suggest that the Indians are having their stocks of black money only in India. His new design to confuse the Indians through ten questions on demonetization has no trace of black money in foreign banks that he had promised to retrieve during his 2014 electioneering. This would lead us further to his hidden agenda.

But the greatest harm, which he has done to India by his arbitrary action of the 8th November 2016 that we can name as “Black Day of India”, is unambiguously discernible in obliteration of the “Trust” the people of India had in “The Reserve Bank of India”.

The RBI shall never gain back this trust.
Fellow Indians, wake up!

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