No Child is born with a Mind

Dr.Sudhansu Dash

No child is born with a mind. A child is born with a brain. Brain is the mechanism and mind is simply the ideology, the ideology which brain is fed by the society .Every society creates a mind according to its own conditioning. This is the reason why there are so many minds in this world, like a Hindu mind, a Christian mind, a Buddhist mind, a Communist mind. One is separate from the other.

A great fallacy is created by the society in the individual that the mind is yours. It has been created so only because the individual is to act according to the society, but feeling as if he is functioning on his own which is the most cunning device of the society.

Something basic to be remembered is that whatever it might be –your mind is not yours. One must accept it authentically or one must help oneself for a self deception. There is no other alternative open to him. One’s mind is an implantation of the society in which one has accidentally been born. If one is born in a Hindu home, but immediately transferred to a Mohammedan family and brought up there, one would have the same mind and would have a totally different mind that one can’t conceive of.

Bertrand Russell ,the outstanding genius of 21st century tried hard to get rid of the Christian mind, not because it was Christian, but simply because it was given to him by others. He wanted to have a fresh look of his own about things, or through somebody else’s glasses. He wanted to have a direct and immediate contact with the reality. It is not actually a question of being any sect like a Christian mind or a Hindu mind or a Buddhist mind because he would have done the same as he wanted to do to a mind fed by a Christian society. The question is whether the mind is your own or implanted by others. It is certain that the mind implanted by others in you will never serve you but serve their purposes. Russell tried hard and wrote a book why I Am Not A Christian. To one of his friends he wrote a letter that although he did not believe that he is a Christian as he had dropped that mind, still deep down he is a Christian unconsciously.

The society cultivates it with such acumen; with such craftsmanship that one can never think about it. A man lives the most seventy-five years, and forty –five years he has to be in schools, colleges, university; one third of the mind is devoted in cultivating a certain mind. Russell might have failed because he had no knowledge of how to get rid of it. He was fighting but groping in the dark. He was certainly fighting with one half of the mind against the other half and both are Christian.

One of the most important scientific contributions of Delgado is that he has found seven hundred centers in the brain and each centre is capable of containing immense quantity of knowledge .it is just like recording ad his experiments are very shocking. He touches a certain centre I the brain with a electrode ,and the man starts speaking but when the electrode is take away the man stops speaking .He puts the electrode back o the same centre , and the man starts speaking again but from the very beginning. Wherever you leave him, it makes no difference. So some automatic process I the mind is discovered. Some electrodes can be implanted in the mind, permanently, and it can be controlled from faraway by some remote control. It was experimented by Delgado in Spain in a bull fight in planting an electrode in the mind of the toughest bull and stood in the field in showing a red flag. The bull rushed towards him ferociously but when the bull was about to attack, he pushed the button and the bull stopped, just frozen. On experiment sake, he did the same for many times and the same thing repeated.

This discovery of Delgado can either become a blessing to humanity or a curse, sooner or later. Every child’s mind can be easily implanted with an electrode. In making so one will get very obedient people, no rebel, no revolutionary but the whole charm of life will be gone. People will be simply vegetables ad scientifically enslaved .They cannot know it because the remote control unit may be in the hands of the capitalist or in the hands of the government. It can be useful as criminals can be prevented ,murderers can be prevented ,thieves can be checked rapists can be transformed-but the danger is that anybody who is in power can make the whole country just a crowd of slaves.
Inside the skull where the brain is there is o sensitivity. Even a stone is put inside one’s skull; one can ever know it as one does not have the sensitive nerves there which can inform. Delgado’s mechanism is scientific, but society has been doing the same by planting ideas. Thanks to those revolutionaries who have escaped this strategic implantation of ideas by the society because a few rebels are still born, who have given all scientific progress, who have changed all superstitions.

The very fact is that the society always wants a child to be a carbon copy, not original. The strategy to create a mind in a child is to go on repeating certain things continuously and eve if a lie is repeated continuously it starts becoming a truth. The child forgets that it was a lie in the beginning.

Adolf Hitler did the same thing, started lying to the German people that all the misery of their country is because if the Jews which is quite absurd a thing as one will say that all the misery of the country is because of bicycles. So if we destroy all the bicycles, all the misery will disappear. In fact the Jews were the very backbone of Germany. They had created all the wealth of Germany .They had o other nation, so any nation, where they were, was their nation. They had no other alternative in their mind, so they could not betray, and they had been doing all the things that another German was doing for the welfare of the country.

I his autobiography Adolf Hitler writes, “it does not matter what you say, because there is no such thing as truth. Truth is a lie that has been repeated so often that you have forgotten that it is a lie.”So the only difference between truth and lie is that the lie is fresh and truth is old; otherwise there is no difference. It is a fact that if one repeats anything to people, they will slowly and slowly start believing it if it has been repeated for centuries, it has become a heritage. All religions of the world have adopted the same strategy, a conspiracy against a child born with no mind. Christianity, Hinduism, Mohammedanism ,all the three religions repeat to their children ,’There is God’ where as Buddhism , Jainism Taoism, the other there religions say ,’There is o God ‘The first group of three religion have a certain mind .Their whole life is filled with the idea of god, hell heaven prayer etc; and the second group of the three religions has no prayer because there is nobody to pray to as there is no God. The communists even does not believe in the soul of a man and every child is continuously told that man is a matter and when a man dies he simply dies ,nothing remains .consciousness is a by –product of the body. So the mind is certainly not your mind, it is not young also; it is centuries old. Therefore every society is afraid of a thinker who creates doubts about the concept of mind .One’s search should be to find one’s own mind and not under somebody’ impact. There is the TRUTH but, with this mind one cannot know it .Not because mind has its limitation (as preached by different religions) but because this mind is full of lies repeated for century after century. One will find the truth when one will put this mind completely aside ad look at existence with fresh eyes, like a new born child. Then whatever one experiences is truth. If one remains constantly alert not to allow others to interfere with one’s inner growth, there comes a moment when one becomes so attuned with existence one experiences the truth.

To have one’s own mind in the world is the richest thing possible. But no society allows it; every society keeps one poor. The people those who are in power ,either through money or through politics or through religion or through knowledge ,or for any other reason ,do not want people to have their own mind because it is dangerous to their interests. They want not men but sheep, not individuals but crowds, who are always in need of being led, who are always in need of being told what to do and what not to do, and who do not have their own minds. Any deviation from the norm in any society, there are people who we call mad, but they are not mad .They are not simply not agreeing with the madness of the mass.

When one feels existence immediately, without any mediator, with no mind given by anybody else, one tastes something which transforms, which makes one enlightened, which brings one to the highest peak of consciousness.

(Dr. Dash is a poet of international repute. One of the top 100 English Poets of the world, he has bagged the International Writer’s award 2015. A higher education teacher of English in Orissa, he is a highlander by birth, born to Ex-State Athgarh and as highlanders usually are, he is a philosopher in heart, always in pursuit of wonders of life.)

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