Prime Minister of India must not remain the tea-boy of Gujarat

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Prime Minister of India must not remain the tea-boy of Gujarat. Mr.Narendra Modi should now try to improve.

Air traveling the world to meet country heads, bragging before uninformed, misinformed, motivated, cultivated, curious foreigners and non-resident Indians in organized gathering in Central Park of New York, forcing the RBI Governor to commit breach of trust with currency note holders, enjoying official jaunts in a foreign land after pushing the country into chaos and quagmire by demonetization, etc & etc are factors that have suffocated conscious India.

But the worst is the farce he made of the English Language by attributing false, fabricated and mischievous meaning to the word “scam” while obnoxiously expanding its letters to represent the names of political rivals that he labored to mislead the voters with. While addressing an election meeting at Meerut on February 4, he told his audience that his fight in UP is against “scam”, an abbreviation in which the letter S stands for Samajbadi (Party), C for Congress (Party), A for Akhilesh (Yadav) amd M for Mayawati.

This nasty conduct may be becoming of a tea boy of Gujurat, but can never be considered as becoming of the Prime Minister of India.

Hence, Mr. Narendra Modi should now try to become the Prime Minister of India, to which post he could never have come had Manmohan Singh not have acted a stooge of USA.

India wants not to be further embarrassed by such off-color oral acrobatics of a person who, even though by way of Hobson’s choice of the harassed people, has become and is holding the nation’s most august office as the Prime Minister.

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