Sambad streamer is baffling; comes from Kanak News

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

“All are reluctant to become the Chief Minister” is the caption of today’s streamer of daily Sambad on the occasion of its 33rd birthday. The baffling caption comes from its sister concern Kanak News.

Kanak News, the TV channel owned by the owner of Sambad – Eastern Media Ltd. – in a specific-purpose-event organized on October 3 at State Information Centre (Jayadev Bhavan), Bhubaneswar, asked three eminent leaders of three major political parties to spell out what would be their respective dream if consecrated as Chief Minister of Orissa. Their individual answer had a commonality that made the channel to conclude: none of them dream of becoming the Chief Minister.

The three were Dr. Damodar Raut (BJD), Bijay Mohapatra (BJP) and Narasingh Mishra (Congress).

Why these three persons were chosen for the question is not known, though it is known to any political observer that in their parties none of them is regarded as a chief ministerial candidate.

If Kanak News was serious in its pursuit to find out how an would-be political head should be dreaming about Orissa, it should have invited parties instead of individuals to answer such a pertinent question.

But it seems, primacy of political parties in this Republic doesn’t carry any meaning for channels that eye on income under the pretense of news and prefer person-centric plutocracy to ism-centric democracy.

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  1. There is no question of willingness. It needs money. One can contest MLA election with minimum 2 crore rupees. Rs 1 crore is cost of purchasing ticket from ruling party. MP election needs Rs 5 crores per seat. To become willing for CM post, one needs at least Rs 200 crores. In 1952 when rates were lower, Biju babu told that he was Rs 10 crores short of money, otherwise he could have become PM.

  2. Mahodaya,

    In Odisha context ,we are facing leadership problem.Today Naveen Pattnaik is the CM of Odisha because,
    Odia leadership do not have any faith among themselves to lead the people.They do not have any vision for Odisha. Neither they have any vision for Odia language/Odisha state/management of natural resources of Odisha/scaling down regional disparity nor for any kind of developmental activities for the state. In that context Utkal Gourab Madhusudan Das was a visionary and man with extraordinary talent & courage. Utkal Gourab was far ahead of his time.Under his leadership,other leaders/Kings/Zamindars fought for the creation of separate Odisha with determination and courage. Utkal Gourab understood that “If separate Odisha will not be created under British rule,then it can not be created after independence”.The best example is the issue of amalgamation of Sareikela & Kharsuan with Odisha. In today’s’ context the burning examples are the issue of
    Mahanadi,Brahmani,Udayapur beach & Polavaram etc.Unemployment is acute in Odisha &every day thousands of Odia people are migrating to other states in search of job.Neither State govt nor any political parties are interested to resolve the above issues..The population of non-Odia in Odisha increasing day by day in Odisha.Now the time will come when outsiders will decide what Odia people should learn/see/eat/purchase etc. Odisha do not have any agriculture policy,the status of irrigation is abysmal.While neighbouring states of Odisha are constructing dams/barrages on our river basins & diverting our water resources,our system in Odisha busy in constructing sub standard barrages and bridges and projects getting delayed for limitless time.It is all happening because of our LOKA CHARITRA & administration.Therefore responsibility,time slot,punishment measures should be defined/fixed for the administration.Victory of democracy should be there not autocracy.

    Tamil /Telugu/Kannada/Malayali people are not fighting for their language,their govt
    (whosoever comes to the power)thinks about the better implementation of their regional languages in administration/judiciary/employment/education/research etc.

    In most of the cases our state is a consuming state without sufficient production.Self respect comes when someone get self independent. Odisha is far behind above issues.

    Finally,if good people get united under a strong leadership ,good results will follow and negative forces can be suppressed otherwise negative forces will dominate the scenario and the result will be downfall of the society and people at large.


    Bande Utkal Janani

  3. Mahodaya,

    we really appreciate the efforts taken by Assam leadership & govt to preserve the house of Laxminath Bezbaroa in Sambalpur. It shows the Assam govt feeling & conviction towards their forefathers,legends & Assammee language & culture.But in Odisha we Odia are neglecting our own language,culture,legends & forefathers.We Odias are always fight with each other over every little issues which do not bear any relevance in our public life.We neglect our language,culture very systematically and adopt/follow others.
    Ex:There was a news in recent past that now-a-days Odia people are much more attracted towards the festival of Dhanteras. Transaction of Re 100 Cr. was taken place in Odisha state for that particular festival.We all know that 10/15 years back we do not know any festival namely Dhanteras. From this we can imagine the character of Odia people and race as a whole.Our education system which has been managed by non-odias teaches us nothing about our history & culture.Our children are speaking in semi Odia language mixed with Hindi & English words.History of Odisha has been polluted by outsiders etc.

    Therefore,instead of fighting with each other we should put pressure on Odisha govt to immediately open Odia language University,Central Institute of classical Odia,Odisha council of historical research without any delay.Make Odia language compulsory up to graduation level.Conduct all the competitive exams like OPSC,OSSC,OSSSC in Odia language.Make Odia language mandatory in all the courts of Odisha.

    Finally,there should be a punishment measure for bureaucrats who will disobey as per the Odisha Official language act 2016.


    Jai Jagannatha

  4. Bravo, Assam govt was successful in stopping the demolition work of Laxminath Bezbaroa’s house in Sambalpur. It shows the character & resolve of Assam govt(whosoever forms the government) & people at large.If we compare the character of Assam people with that of Odisha people,we feel a big difference.When it came to the identity of the Assam state in Indian federation,people of Assam got united.Their leaders felt the heat and action was immediately taken.But in case of Odisha, Chattishgarh stated constructing dams and barrage over the river Mahanadi since year 2007(approx) but Odisha media/people/govt awoke in year 2015/16.This is the way Odia people react to a situation that comes against the interest of our state.Political parties in Assam doing politics & political parties are also doing politics in Odisha. But on the issue of identity/language/culture neither any political party nor people of Odisha are united.In Odisha coastal district see their own interest/western people their own. Odia people have forgotten the benefit of getting united. Odia society is fragmented and benefit goes to outsiders.In Indian federation a state can not prosper until unless it’s people get united.Unnecessary politics over every little things,crab mentality destroying the fundamental structure of Odia society.

    Therefore, we should learn something from Assam and fight for our language/culture/identity.

    Bande Utkal Janani

  5. Mahodaya,

    now-a-days we see increase in no of festivals/Yatras/Melas in different districts of Odisha. For example Bhubaneswar Bali yatra. We think these are the tactics to divert the attention of common man from the real issues of the Odisha states to new things which has no relevance for Odia society.The common trend now-a-days is after getting support of the administration some people will organize Mela/festival etc.Mostly business community of other states will get the opportunity do the business without any restriction. Odia people will expend their money & purchase many things without giving a single thought.As we know Cuttack Bali Yatra is famous & it’s a symbol of our cultural heritage but Bhubaneswar Bali Yatra is unnecessary.Instead of this Odisha govt should immediately open the purposed Odia language University,Central Institute of Classical Odia,Odisha Council of historical Research without any delay.Reform our educational system & make Odia language compulsory up to graduation level.Conduct all the exams of OPSC,OSSC,OSSSC in Odia language.Make Odia mandatory in all the courts of Odisha. Punish the bureaucrats for neglecting Odia language in Odisha administration.Improve the standard & infrastructure of the govt schools & colleges in Odisha. Construct dams and barrages on the upper stream of Polavaram. Put pressure on Central govt to pass a national water management bill in Parliament so that interest of down stream states can be preserved because tribunal will not solve the Mahanadi/Brahmani issue.Appoint Lokayukta in Odisha state & take strong steps to check corruption in Odisha state.Instead of doing advertisement generate employment for the unemployed youths in Odisha. The first step should be of increasing age limits in state govt jobs as many states in India have already done it.Recently,our Chief minister Mr. Naveen Pattnaik has discard the purposal of the Central govt to introduce metro rail in Bhubaneswar-Cuttack. We do not know the logic behind this issue but as per our knowledge is concern more fly overs & bridges will be constructed and benefit will go to contractors/builders/political leaders but a good public transport system in twin city will be a far fetched dream. Odisha govt is advocating for monorail in Bhubaneswar-Cuttack which has less capacity then metro rail.If we can introduce monorail between Puri-Konark/Burla-Sambalpur that will be a better option.Therefore,managing everything on ad hoc basis is not a permanent solution,we should think on long term basis.

    Bande Utkal Janani

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