Egg to CM: A scope for cogitation

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The first month of the year passed in Orissa with a lady from the audience throwing eggs at Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on January 31 at Talsari in Balasore, whereto he had gone to inaugurate a beach festival.

She has been arrested by the Police, charged with ‘attempt to murder’ the CM.

Her husband, a BJP activist, was put by Police to preventive arrest, in reaction to which she decided to embarrass the CM, a report says.

If the egg-hurling at the CM was in reaction to arrest of her husband in advance as a preventive measure, the Police is to be squarely blamed for having generated the situation for her rash reaction.

Yet, to us, the lady’ should despise herself for having insulted Orissa in the eyes of non-Oriya visitors to the festival, including foreigners.

The Police, on the other hand, is making a farce of prosecution by charging the egg-hurler lady for her ‘attempt to murder’ the CM. In which Court, and how, a raw egg could be established as a weapon to murder? Prosecutions in GR cases in the State are mostly failing because of unsustainable allegations cooked up by Police.

Preventive arrest of the CM’s political opponents is a disease that afflicts democracy.

The CM ought to understand that whosoever his predecessor was denied fresh mandate, was so denied, because of political misuse of Police in preventive arrests and false prosecutions.

Thus saying, we are inclined to say, the BJP should ask its rank and file to maintain dignity while protesting against fellows they oppose.

Undignified attacks on any political rival cannot be allowed to be encouraged, particularly when the election climate is already in the process of shrouding the year.

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