Culture Secretary requested to complete the inquiry against D.P.Pattanayak

Roving Reporter

Bhasha Andolan Chairman Subhas Chandra Pattanayak met the Culture Secretary Manoranjan Panigrahi on Wednesday in his Secretariat chamber and requested him to complete the inquiry pending in his department against Linguist Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak and his team that evidently stole away the researched documents and documented report of the State and created a parallel copyright over the same in matter of Classical Oriya and by using the position as authors/ creators of this report have been deriving numerous official benefits even in contravention of official norms.

The Chief Secretary was moved by Bhasha Andolan to blacklist Dr. Pattanayak, non-stop recipient of government benefits by influencing the administrative machinery. He has a palatial building in Bhubaneswar and separate mansions of his children; facts, which he has recorded in his writings. Yet, by using the Chief Secretary, posing as the person authorized to draw up the State’s Language Policy, even though there is neither any Govt. Notification nor appointment, he has taken a government bungalow in his name near the highly secured Court Zone of Bhubaneswar and has sub-let it to a fellow who has collaborated with him in the above offense against the State. That fellow resides in this bungalow with his family. Bhasha Andolan has brought this mischief to the notice of the Chief Secretary, but, in vain. Thus his unpunished offense has emboldened him to get profit fetching MoUs with various government organizations and universities and even to bag several lakhs of rupees from the State exchequer, suppressing the fact of his lack of legal entitlement to such government grants, particularly through the Department of Culture. Therefore, with documentary evidences, the Chief secretary was moved to blacklist him and his team, so that further engulfment of Language sector and State funds by the mafia could be stopped.

The Chief Secretary asked the Secretary Culture to enquire and report and the Culture Secretary asked the Odia Bhasa Pratisthan to conduct an inquiry and report. The matter is gathering dust in the Pratisthan, when the Culture Secretary has given the mafia gang further funds in total disregard to the ban spelt out in Grants-in-aid (Cultural and-Sports Institution) Rules: 1986.

The Bhasha Andolan Chairman, discussing all these points, requested the Culture Secretary to see that the inquiry is not made to stay abandoned and the Pratisthan be asked to complete the inquiry within a fixed time and report and the same report be placed before the Government for prompt action. He assured to promptly intervene.

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