Elections 2018 : Rulers got thrashed

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Plutocracy won again; because democracy has given way to plutocracy in India. All that people rejected and all that people elected are of the same genre of political economy that have , election after election, taken the country from bad to worse.

Representatives of the people serve the interest of the rich in a plutocracy as they belong to the class of the rich or to the gang of the servants of the rich, aspiring to become rich by serving the rich. The most assertive and aggressive among them becomes the leader – Prime Minister as in India or Chief Minister as in an Indian State.

These fellows, heading a ministry, stay in power by intimidating their own colleagues by way of the mischief of ‘prerogative’and to keep them too dazzled to revolt,they pose, as if, they are the “Rulers”.

People avenge their notoriety at the time of elections. This had happened to Vajpayee. This had happened to Manmohan Singh. This has happened now to the Chief Ministers that were dazzling as the rulers.

Modi in the Center and Naveen in Orissa have, therefore, reasons to be worried.

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