Bhasha Andolan: A typical Oriya defines the Movement

This is a surprise gift from a friend, a noted cinema star of Orissa, who prefers not to be named.

As it often happens, Police stops the vehicles on the left side of the main road from Assembly to AG sqr. to make the Bhasha Andolan Black Flags invisible to the Chief Minister entering into the Secretariat.

On November 26, at 4.30 PM, while waiting inside his halted car for the Police to end the blockade, the star suddenly marked that a single person with the celebrated Black Flag of Bhasha Andolan in one hand and the movement’s placard on the other hand, oblivious of the force-parking of the vehicles, was marching towards the AG sqr. Never to miss this rare moment of this proud march of a typical Oriya, fighting to liberate his splendid mother tongue from the labyrinth of English, he commanded his finger instantly to the video recorder in his mobile phone.

Thus , this precious video is here to share. The lone hero of this video is Dr. Asoka Misra, whose unique invention of the most advanced scientific technology named ‘Misra Technology’, has given birth to a new era of invention, the world has been witnessing for around a decade.

November 26 was the day of Black Flag march in Puri. Top brass of the movement was busy there. Dr. Misra arrived at the Assembly gate to join the Capital Chapter of the Black Flag march. But he could not find the other friends who were to take up the march at Bhubaneswar. In fact, their common vehicle halted on the way, they were delayed. Dr. Mishra assumed that Puri might have kept them engaged. So, he collected a Black Flag and a placard from a place known to him and started his historical march all alone.

Friends later joined him.

But his singular march shall stay for ever incomparable in the annals of Bhasha Andolan as a sample of typicality of a competent member of the Oriya race, who never abandons his righteous disposition, come what may.

Dr. Misra has defined Bhasha Andolan in his incomparable conduct as a movement of conscience.

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