Tapan Padhi tortured in Police Station: Fact-Finding Team

A fact-finding team comprising eminent RTI and Human Rights activists has reported how inhumanly the selfless radical Tapan Padhi has been tortured in Police Custody before being forwarded to Court. We produce below the report and the appeal advance by the team:

Social Activist Tapan Padhi in Jail for a false and fabricated case, severe tortured in Panikoili Police custody

Dear friends,
Panikouli Police have arrested senior social activist Tapan Padhi from Choudwar on 17th March 2019 and severely tortured in Police station. He is in Jajpur Road sub-jail(at Ragadi). A team of activists met him on 21st March in Jail and he showed his sign of torture and you can’t imagine how inhuman police is! The case is serious. Torture is so serious, we shocked after saw that.

It was a false and fabricated case at the instance of the Jajpur SP.

ICC himself told that he is directed by SP to arrest Mr. Padhi.

The ICC and other staff of Panikoili police station have tortured him severely in his chamber, said Tapan Padhi.

They used plastic rods to hit him in the back and other parts of the body.
Police have threatened him to lodge a case in Arms Act against him and encounter him.

Even Police threatened him to kidnap his wife and daughter. He said all these things to the team of social activists.

So, we need your support and suggestion in the matter and important is what can we do in this serious human rights violation case?

Team members of the fact-finding team :
Pradip Pradhan, RTI activist
Suryamani Mishra, Journalist
Bhajman Biswal, HRD
Akhand, HRD
Mahe Nikhat, women activist
Dillip Samantaray, HRD
Biswanth Patra, HRD
Tarini Padhi, Journalist

To public perception, Padhi’s attempt to register his organization ‘Mission Justice’ as a political party has provoked the fidgeting reactionaries hound him. 

It is now incumbent upon the Court, in the interest of justice, to ensure a medico-legal investigation into the brutal assault on Sri Padhi in Police custody and reject the prosecution if the medico-legal investigation confirms the assault.

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